GuySuCo fails to reach production target


Sugar[] – The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) is reporting that it has managed to produce 81,194 tonnes of sugar in its last crop which is 5007 tonnes below the target that the company was supposed to achieve.

The industry had set a first crop sugar production target of 86,201 tons of sugar. Guysuco’s first crop production is therefore roughly an eight percent improvement over its 2014 production of 75,000 tons.

According to a press statement from the company, “The improved production is a reflection of both increased productivity and quality, from improved cane yields across the industry delivering 3.1 tons of cane per hectare over budget and a one percent higher increase over budget of sugar in the cane.

The Corporation is able to report that all estates, excepting East Demerara and Skeldon surpassed their targets.”

It was noted that Skeldon Estate began grinding four weeks later than scheduled as a result of the late arrival of critical materials required for the completion of the modification works on its pump dumper which commenced during the last out of crop period. Production at Skeldon was further restricted by the May-June rains prematurely halting production, resulting in some 95,000 tons of first crop canes remaining to be harvested in the second crop.

Enmore Sugar Estate, similarly, began grinding two weeks later than scheduled due to the late arrival of materials for factory maintenance work begun in the out of crop period and was forced by rain to prematurely halt production, leaving 45,000 tons of first crop canes to be harvested in the second crop.

“Had both Skeldon and the East Demerara Estates been able to complete production of all of its first crop cane remaining to be harvested, the total, first crop would have exceeded 91, 000 tons, that is, in excess of the targeted production of 86,201 tons.It is important to note that the remaining un-harvested cane from the first crop will be harvested in the second crop, which will result in the industry achieving its targeted 2015 production of 241,503 tons of sugar,” the statement read.




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