GuyOil GM resigns, to seek legal advice amid allegations of fuel racket

Trevor Bassoo
Trevor Bassoo

Some five months after he was appointed as General Manager of the Guyana Oil Company (GuyOil), Trevor Bassoo has tendered his resignation amid allegations of a major fuel import racket which is currently being investigated by the police.

Today, reports emerged that a businessman alleged that officials at GuyOil contracted him to bring in fuel on the promise of kickbacks.

The businessman alleged, however, that GuyOil got a sweeter deal and subsequently cancelled his arrangement, causing him to speak out.

According to a source, an official at GuyOil told police that Bassoo brought the matter of the alleged racket to the company’s attention during an executive meeting and implicated him.

At the meeting, the official said Bassoo presented evidence of the his complicity in the form of WhatsApp printouts.

According to the official, he denied any role in the alleged racket during the meeting.

When contacted, GuyOil Chairman Paul Cheong was tightlipped on the reasons for Bassoo’s resignation.

When it comes to the businessman’s story, however, Cheong noted that GuyOil has a transparent and accountable system for sourcing fuel.

Meanwhile, Bassoo in a social media post confirmed his resignation.

He said “It was brought to my attention that news is being circulated on social media that implies that I was sent on administrative leave in light of alleged corruption at GUYOIL. I wish to state that is INCORRECT. I also wish to advise that I have chosen to and have submitted my resignation to the Chairman and Board of Directors…I intend to solicit legal advice after which I will provide more information.”

Editor’s Note: This report previously stated that Mr Trevor Bassoo was the CEO at GuyOil. It has since been corrected to state that he was the General Manager.