GuyExpo 2016 launched with ‘renewed’ focus on business


With a renewed focus on business, the annual GuyExpo was launched yesterday evening at the Exhibition Centre, Sophia.

Aiming at reviving Guyana’s economy through marketing of goods and services, the expo this year will take a new route as highlighted by each of the speakers at the launching.

Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin
Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin

Under the theme “50 years: Guyana Means Business. Promoting Enterprise, Driving Productivity” as it clearly states, the objective is fostering economic growth not only for businesses but the general country. The expo is set to generate maximum income.

Though there had been a switch in agenda last year in hosting the well-known event in Georgetown that attracts hundreds, it has been declared that the expo is in ‘full swing’ for this year, coming bigger and better as it coincides with the 50th golden jubilee anniversary.

Speaking at the event, Chairman of the Private Sector Commission Norman McLean applauded the notion by the government to readapt the expo in such a way where it caters primarily for the expansion of businesses.

Clearing up any misconception about the expo this year as it steers away from the norm, Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin said this year there are plans to have the event ‘particularly large’ in contrast to the business expo that had been substituted last year.

Gaskin reminded that the fundamental value of these expos is to promote small and large businesses which can positively impact the economy. He noted that in recent years there has been a straying from this and the government’s aim is to restore the value of what GuyExpo should be, allowing for the reaping of tangible benefits.

This year will also see the involvement of the Diaspora being exhibitors of their goods and services, according to the minister.

Since there will be hundreds of persons visiting from foreign countries to commemorate the 50th anniversary celebration, Gaskin encouraged businesses to take advantage of the opportunity which will provide them a chance to have their products recognised beyond Guyana’s borders.
Through the revamping of what the expo originally was, Gaskin said this goes to prove “Guyana means business.”

Making his remark, President David Granger told the gathering that there was a need to revise the idea behind it which subsequently led to the new approach.
Granger explained that there was an urgent need to examine the character of these expos and what was mainly the idea behind it. This, he said, led to the new approach of making the expo primarily business oriented.

GuyExpo 2016 will be held from 12 to 15 March, as part of the observation of the 50th golden jubilee Independence anniversary.
This expo is anticipated to be the most improved and business driven expo since its initiation.





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