Guyanese TravelSpan Flight Attendants return following successful training

The Group of Newly Certified TravelSpan Guyanese Flight Attendants at the Training Facility in Las Vegas
The Group of Newly Certified TravelSpan Guyanese Flight Attendants at the Training Facility in Las Vegas

[] – The 14 Guyanese selected by TravelSpan to become Flight Attendants arrived in Guyana this morning (Wednesday June 26), after successfully completing a 3-weeks intense training course in Las Vegas, Nevada and Denver, Colorado.

 The Flight Attendants are now certified by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and will be working on the TravelSpan Flights operated by Vision Airlines to New York, Port of Spain and Dominican Republic.

Before their trip back to Guyana, TravelSpan’s Management and staff in New York celebrated and introduced the graduates to some Media and Travel Partners.

The enthusiasm and emotion was shared by all the flight attendants in thanking TravelSpan for this great opportunity to service their fellow Guyanese travelers and their excitement to begin this endeavor and bring a personal experience to all on board.  

TravelSpan’s President Nohar Singh, talked about TravelSpan celebrating 19 years in business, and congratulated all on a job well done in the efforts over the years to put the company in the position to bring about a quality of service to the Guyanese market that surpasses all others.

Passengers can look forward to be greeted on board by Yannick December, Collis Campbell, Christine Camacho, Lauristan Choy, Ruqayyah Boyer, Roselyn Sewcharran, Candasy Layne Tondicka Austin, Vanetta Forsythe, Kathrina Fung-a-fat, Christina Perreira, Sandra Saccoor, Kimberly Bisnauth and Shivanie Latchman very soon.

TravelSpan in collaboration with Vision Airlines currently offers a Wide Body 767/200 and 767/300 aircraft for its nonstop service between Georgetown and New York. The company reiterates that its commitment to Guyana is clearly demonstrated by its investment in the training and development of the Flight Attendants. 


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