Guyanese to protest several Venezuelan Embassies worldwide today

The Venezuelan Embassy in Georgetown. [iNews' Photo]


The Venezuelan Embassy in Georgetown. [iNews' Photo]
The Venezuelan Embassy in Georgetown. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Guyanese are mobilizing to stage protest actions outside the Venezuelan Embassy in Georgetown and in several other countries, including the United States today, Saturday October 3, as an act of solidarity with the Guyana Government.

These protest actions will all commence concurrently at 10:00 am at all Venezuela consulates worldwide, against the Bolivarian Republic’s claims to Guyana’s Essequibo Region and a large part of its oil rich sea space.

Guyanese citizens and friends of Guyana living in countries are encouraged to gather and take part in these planned protest activities that are scheduled to last until 14:00 hours.

“The picketing event is to send the government of President Maduro a message that Guyanese must have closure on the spurious claim to Guyana’s territory. The borders were set in 1899 and all other claims are objectionable and hinders Guyana’s development,” a statement noted.

Today marks the 116 anniversary of the 1899 border award.

The border claim was recently given fresh life when Venezuela issued a decree annexing Guyana’s maritime space where oil has been discovered.

 Guyana is now demanding that Venezuela takes its claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to have the matter decided once and for all.

“Guyanese are calling on the international community to support this call to take the matter to the ICJ to preserve peace and stability in the hemisphere.”

President David Granger and President Nicolas Maduro recently met in New York where the two leaders agreed to both receive a United Nations investigative team and continue bilateral engagements through the appointment of Ambassadors to each other’s country.




  1. The Guyana Government should start a protest For the Palestine People,We remember
    Nelson Mandela and who and who supported that cause, But the Palestine are not
    Afros so who give a darn, lets remember one thing Guyana is Native Amerindian Land
    Not Indos or Afros land.


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