Guyanese student wins US$40,000 college scholarship


(NBC CONNECTICUT) A Wilby High School senior in Waterbury was selected as one of two in the nation this month to win a $40,000 college scholarship.

The College Board awarded the BigFuture Scholarship to Amesha Jainandan.

“I was really shocked. I didn’t expect it and I’m excited,” said Jainandan.

BigFuture is the College Board’s college and career readiness website. It awards two scholarships every month to students around the United States.

Students are automatically entered to win the scholarship if they use the BigFuture website to:

Start career list
Build college list
Expand college list
Apply to college
Search for scholarships
Apply for the FAFSA

“What we’re rewarding students for is taking action on their college and career journey,” said Bob Wolcott, the associate director of the College Board.

The website is there to help students navigate the complicated college admissions process, according to Wolcott.

“A lot of first-generation college students just don’t know where to begin. This BigFuture site organizes that, and helps students on that path and gets them on the right track. So, we just want them to go and start to take the actions that they all should be taking,” said Wolcott.

Jainandan recently moved here (to the USA) from Guyana in South America. She had been applying to community colleges, but with the help of the scholarship, she said she may expand her search.

“She’s a very driven student,” said Stephanie Labonte, Jainandan’s English teacher at Wilby High.

“She’s very interested in furthering her career in business. She’s a great writer, really a great speaker,” Labonte added. “I think this is going to change her life.”