Guyanese scholarship student mysteriously dies during medical outreach in Peru

Dead: Yogeeta Persaud
Dead: Yogeeta Persaud

A former Guyanese top performer has met her demise in a most mysterious manner after she reportedly “dropped dead” on Sunday, while she was involved in a medical outreach program in Peru.

The dead 22-year-old has been identified as Yogeeta Persaud, originally of Golden Fleece, Essequibo Coast.

According to relatives of the now deceased young lady, Persaud collapsed at about 14:00h on Sunday, while she was reportedly shadowing a professional medical practitioner.

The outreach program was organized by the young lady’s university in New York city, and it has only been a week since it commenced.

In 2013, Persaud copped the position of Guyana’s second top performer at CXC and was granted a scholarship to study abroad.

As such, in 2014, she migrated to the United States where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in biochemistry.



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