Guyanese man arrested for brutally chopping 1-Y-O to death in Trinidad

Dead: Sariah Williams

Police in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago have arrested a 58-year-old Guyanese man who reportedly chopped a one-year-old girl to death during an argument with her grandmother.

The incident occurred on Sunday night at Sion Drive, Tarodale Hills, South Trinidad.

The infant has been identified as Sariah Williams, who had celebrated her first birthday back in June. The suspect reportedly shared a relationship with the baby’s grandmother Michelle Williams, for over two decades, and had been threatening to kill the woman and her children for quite some time.

The media in Trinidad have reported that the woman had been suffering at the hands of the man for over 24 years, and recently ended the relationship, but allowed the man to stay at her home until he could find a place to live.

Between Friday and Saturday last, the man reportedly sent Michelle about 90 voice notes and threatening photos. The woman was anticipating visiting the Police Station on Monday to file for a protection order against the abusive man.

Sariah is the daughter of Nikita Williams – a single mother of 8, who is Michelle’s daughter.

Michelle went to her job as a security guard on Sunday, while her daughter used the kitchen to prepare food for a curry fundraiser aimed at purchasing back-to-school items for her children. When Michelle returned from work at around 20:00h, she was helping her daughter to clear out the dirty dishes in the sink.

This incensed the man accused the woman of caring only for her children, and always “letting them only make money off of me, and…not getting anything.”

At that point, Nikita intervened and told the man to relax. He disappeared for a few minutes, while Michelle went out to the gallery (verandah) and sat down with her granddaughter in her lap. The man then returned, armed with a cutlass, and he turned the blade on Michelle.

He aimed at the woman but missed, and the blade connected with the head of little Sariah and immediately she began bleeding profusely. Nikita grabbed her child and both she and Michelle used their bodies to shield the baby. The man then went back into the house, where he locked himself in a room.

Neighbours heard the commotion, and they rushed to the family’s aid. The Police were summoned, and the victims were taken to the Accident and Emergency Department at the San Fernando General Hospital, where young Sariah died a short while after.

The man has been arrested and is in Police custody.

Michelle has made a plea with victims of domestic violence to leave early, since she now takes the blame for her granddaughter’s death.