Guyanese gunned down in NYC, brother critical


A West Bank Demerara (WBD), Region Three resident, who travelled to New York for his grandmother’s funeral was in the wee hours of Monday shot dead, while his brother is clinging to life after they were attacked by two men on 124th Street, South Richmond Hill, Queens, New York.

Dead: Ricky Kalisaran
Dead: Ricky Kalisaran

Ricky Kalisaran, 31, of Lot 7 Klein Pouderoyen, WBD, was shot once to his back by one of the gun-toting bandits and left to die in front of a nightclub on 124th Street.

His brother, Michael Kalisaran, 25, a resident of the US, was shot to his abdomen but when the bullet exited his body, it caused severe damage to a lung and kidney. He was admitted to the Jamaica Hospital, but was later transferred to a medical facility in Long Island to receive treatment.

Anmarie George, an aunt of the two men, when contacted via telephone, told Guyana Times that Ricky and another brother, Vicky, arrived in the US on Saturday for their grandmother’s funeral, which is scheduled for Wednesday. She explained that based on reports they received, the two men were shot during a robbery.

Severely injured, Michael Kalisaran

“From what we got, is that Michael forgot his mobile phone in his car and went to retrieve it when he was attacked by a group of men who attempted to take away a gold chain he was wearing and a scuffle started. After Rickey saw this, he went to his brother’s assistance and it was then we learnt that one of the men whipped out a gun and discharged a round hitting him to his back,” George revealed.

She explained that after Ricky was shot, he was left on the roadway for about 45 minutes where he bled to death. His youngest brother was later picked up and rushed to the Jamaica Hospital.

Detectives at the Scene early Monday morning
Detectives at the Scene early Monday morning

The Eyewitness News in New York reported that detectives were looking into whether the young men had left a nearby club prior to the shooting.

“Police say the two men attempted to rob the brothers and they resisted, getting into a physical struggle with them. One of the men pulled a gun and shot them both. The men fled the scene in a dark coloured sedan,” the news entity reported.

Further, it stated that a similar car crashed into another vehicle at 103rd Avenue and Lefferts Boulevard, and detectives were looking into whether the suspects were in that vehicle. After the crash, the car then proceeded onto the Belt Parkway and disappeared. No arrests have been made.

Meanwhile, George explained that Michael’s condition was critical and the men’s mother was devastated. “She is in the process of preparing for her mother’s funeral… her father is hospitalised, now one of her sons is dead and the other is battling for his life… you could imagine her present condition,” the aunt added.

Meanwhile, relatives in Guyana explained that they received the dreaded news about 03:30h on Monday. One relative who spoke with this publication explained Ricky and his eldest brother Vicky along with their father lived in Barbados for some time before returning to Guyana.

Ricky was described as a “different breed” in the family. He was jovial, loving and caring. He leaves to mourn his mother, his injured brother who is battling for his life, and two sisters.




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