Guyanese drug mule arrested at US airport after passing over 100 cocaine pellets

Shureen Giddings
Shureen Giddings
Shureen Giddings

[Caribbean 360] – A Guyanese hairdresser is facing drug charges in the United States after passing 105 pellets of cocaine at the John F Kennedy Airport in New York.

Shureen Giddings, 26, swallowed the drug-filled pellets before getting on the plane in Guyana on November 9. On arrival in New York, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers searched her luggage and did a body pat-down, but found nothing.

However, after further questioning, the mother of one confessed to the agents and asked to use the bathroom as she could no longer hold the pellets.

Giddings passed 17 of the pellets there and was then taken to a medical facility at the airport where an x-ray was done and it was discovered she had more pellets in her stomach. She subsequently passed 88 pellets.

The drugs weighed three pounds. Giddings was charged with cocaine importation.



  1. Look what people are doing for money so sorry for her now she will be going to jail and the big boss is still walking free on the road.

  2. The drugs belong to who? I can tell you,she is too poor to even be in the drug ring,poor fool like so many lalls, Khans,Sookdeos,will continue to fill the jails in New York, in Guyana under Ppp they untouchable, so you and many like you COWARDS have to use poor people to trads your drugs. You will all be making headlines very soon,take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what color you are,you will see your mind heart and brain is as close to the ACE of spades,,,lol

  3. Guyanese drug mule arrested at US airport after passing over 100 cocaine pellets
    madmaxx u crablouse is ashamed to blog now? its your beloved people


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