Guyanese continue to be sidelined over Foreign Nationals – AFC concerned



By Kurt Campbell

AFC[] – Chairman of the Alliance for Change (AFC), Nigel Hughes says there seems to be increasing sidelining of Guyanese for jobs which they are capable of performing.

Hughes is strongly convinced that Guyanese are overlooked and preferences are given to foreign nationals for various jobs in the country.

He recalled that AFC Parliamentarian, Cathy Hughes had submitted four questions in relation to the issuance of work permits to foreigners to Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee.

Hughes had sought to inquire: how work permits were issues to foreign nationals over the period January 2012 to May 2014; the nationality of each recipient and the duration of each permit; what job each permit holder will be employed to do and the name of the employer.

However, Rohee is yet to provide a response to the inquiry.

“We are concerned that there is no answer to date,” Hughes said; adding that “it was important to get not only figures but the category of jobs and type of foreign national granted these jobs,” the AFC Chairman said.

He recalled what he said was “the Marriott experience where most, even to basic jobs, went to foreign nationals.”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Hughes explained that the AFC has nothing against foreigners or the sourcing of foreign labour; explaining that the Party is merely trying to ensure the rights and opportunities for Guyanese are protected.

“Several countries around the world do and we want to do the same,” she added.

On a separate note, the AFC Chairman recalled that questions in relation to the naturalized of citizens between 2009 to date and a breakdown of nationality were also asked of Ministers; answers to which have not been forthcoming.

He noted that it was particularly important to have such information prior to the announcement of any elections date.



  1. moses smart! he know he done in the corentyne. suh he and he confederates eyeing to campaign in the bush.

  2. New International Version
    ‘Can an Ethiopian change his skin or a leopard its spots? Neither can you do good who are accustomed to doing evil’.

    Are you asking for a miracle?
    Moses a what? Rev who?
    This man said that CBJ promised him the Presidency.

  3. If the AFC is struggling to find controversial issues, as is clearly the case, I suggest they jump on the “Ban Shan Lin” bandwagon, which seems to be the “talk of the town” currently. They may score a point or two there, instead of raising ridiculous issues like the one in this story. I imagine these people can find better use for their time. Join up with the “revolutionary” Moses Nagamootoo and the Speaker’s ‘brother’, Khemraj Ramjattan and start planning your election campaign. You may soon need to work out a contract for Dick Morris etc etc . You’ve got work to do guys. Lets hear about it.

    Can the AFC Chairman clarify whether there is a name change for their Party?? Some have said the Party will now be called the PCP (Procurement Commission Party). Grateful if you can shed some light on this. Thank you.

  4. some guyanese only want jobs where they can teeff company stuff…if they cant then no wok…guyanese wan jobs where they can be in charge of things like police army and government run institutes where they can shake up down shake you up for a bribe if not no wok..

  5. When I was much younger, I was very fortunate to have a well educated and well respected Employer of Austrian descent. We gotten very close as years went by and we shared and lived like family.
    One day he confessed. He said: ‘we were brought up to feel superior to all others’ and ‘we have the best engineers and skilled people’, ‘we also have the worst political leaders’.
    The message here is good leaders like Dr Jagan will be loved and fondly remembered. No need to mention about Burnham the great despot. As for Mr Ramjattan and Mr Nagamootoo, you two Sir have betrayed my trust and many others. You may even have those like me who has not even born yet.
    The evil that men do will all go down in the History books.

  6. afc not really concerned about Guyanese not getting jobs. when asked about Guyanese losing jobs owing to the budget cuts ramjattan seh he didn’t care and described them as collateral damage. give we a break afc.

  7. Hughes and the entire crowd are a pack of liars who should be held accountable for what they spout in the press…Imagine Hughes tampered with evidence at a murder scene and not charged…Hughes instigate the Agricola atrocity on East Indians and was never arrested..But when Hughes suffered a heart attack Government was quick by his side…


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