Guyana/Suriname urged to continue dialogue to resolve border issue


By Jomo Paul

British High Commissioner, James Gregory Quinn. [iNews' Photo]
British High Commissioner, James Gregory Quinn. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The Governments of Guyana and Suriname are being urged to continue bilateral discourse with the aim of resolving the current border issue.

British High Commissioner to Guyana Gregory Quinn, who also serves as non-resident Ambassador to Suriname made the plea on Monday, November 02, 2015.

“We encourage Guyana and Suriname to continue their bilateral contacts to resolve this issue,” said the High Commissioner when asked by iNews about the United Kingdom’s view on the matter.

Quinn was asked about the possible motivation behind Suriname’s renewed claims to the New River Triangle. The question was against the backdrop of Venezuela’s claims and the deepened bilateral/trade ties between the two countries on the heels of both claims.

He responded, “It is not for us to speculate on the reasons behind recent comments from Suriname.”

Venezuela is claiming two third of Guyana’s territory – rich in mineral and natural resources inclusive of oil. Suriname’s claim is also centered on an area that is suspected to hold a significant oil river triangle

Shortly after Suriname’s President, Desi Bouterse announced that the issue of the New River Triangle would be back on the agenda, a lucrative rice deal between the Suriname and Venezuela was announced.

Venezuela had just months prior abandoned a rice for oil deal with Guyana in the height of the territorial controversy.

It was recently confirmed by Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo that Venezuela has imposed a trade embargo on Guyana, refusing to buy rice and refusing to sell fuel to Guyana.

“Venezuela has sought to reassert a false claim to five eights of Guyana which includes all of our vast forest and mineral resources as well as our exclusive maritime zone. Venezuela has imposed a trade embargo against Guyana, refusing to buy our rice or to sell us fuel,” said the Prime Minister.

He stated too that Venezuela has also sought to block oil exploration off Guyana’s coast and gold extraction in our own territory, all in clear violation of international law and treaty obligations.



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