Guyana’s coastline to experience exceptional high tide March 17 – 24


[] – Guyana’s coast will experience a special spring tide during the period March 17 through 24, based on published tide forecasts for 2015, according to a media release from the Ministry of Public Works.

“Notable high tides, in excess of 3.30m are expected to occur along the oceanic coast and tidal rivers during March 20 to 22, with the highest tide of 3.35m expected to occur on Saturday, March 21at 4:27am,” the release added.

The increase of high tides during this period has been attributed to the coincided alignment of the earth, moon and sun during the March 21 Spring Equinox, resulting in increased gravitational pull. This phenomenon will coincide with a solar eclipse which will be visible in Europe, Northern and Eastern Asia and Northern and Western Africa.

In this regard the Ministry of Public Works through it’s the Sea Defence Unit has intensified its public notification, monitoring and flood prevention activities in preparation for possible occurrences of flooding due to overtopping or structural compromise of sea and river defences.

The press release went on to state that previous occurrences of extreme spring tides, coupled with high energy waves and strong ocean currents have resulted in varying levels of flooding along Guyana’s coast due to overtopping of flood protection structures.

Residents of vulnerable low lying coastal and riverain communities have advised to be on the alert and take necessary precautions to prevent damage to property or personal injury in the event that flooding occurs.

The following coastal villages as particularly susceptible to possible flooding as a result of storm surges which may induce overtopping of sea/river defence structures: Johanna Cecelia, Cullen/Perseverance, Dunkeld, Westbury – Essequibo Coast; Zeelandia/Moor Farm, Marionville/Bendorff, Good Success/San Sousi, Melville/Sarah – Wakenaam Island; Cane Garden, Cane Field/Amsterdam, Blenheim/Endeavour – Leguan Island; Parika, Look Out/ Grove, Salem/Sparta, East Bank Essequibo; La Retraite – West Bank Demerara, Rotterdam/Crane, Anna Catherina to Leonora, West Coast Demerara; Along Water Street, Georgetown, Kingston, Georgetown to Ogle – East Coast Demerara, Mosquito Hall/Unity and along the Mahaica River Banks; No. 74 to 76 Villages, Bush Lot/Maida, Corentyne and along the Banks of the Berbice and Canje Rivers.