Guyana wants to become a venue for World Boxing Council events


President Dr Irfaan Ali has announced that the Government is pursuing the continuous development of the sports and sports tourism sectors of the country.

Among his vision in this regard is the attraction of more international participation in a number of the sporting events already being held in the country.

“We are also working in the next few weeks to design an annual programme to position Guyana as a premier destination for entertainment and sports tourism in the region,” President Ali shared after congratulating organizers of the recently concluded Cricket Carnival event.

“We’re working on modifying our horseracing, to make it a premier regional event attracting international participation…working in the motor racing industry.”

Of major announcement, he said, “I’ve already asked a team to reach out to the World Boxing Council to see how we can become a venue for World Boxing Council events. It is not an easy road, but it is a vision that we’re pursuing to position Guyana beyond oil and gas.”

President Ali has exuded confidence in being able to fulfill the plans he has detailed, because of Guyana’s oil wealth, which he described as a tool for development of all sectors, including sport.

“I’ve said it before: that what oil and gas does is give us the revenue to build the infrastructure to support the advancement and broadening of the economy, and that is what we’re targeting,” President Ali explained.