Guyana to receive more Covid vaccines next month

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony today announced that the country is expected to receive two sets of Covid-19 vaccines under the COVAX mechanism next month, however the exact date of arrival is yet to be confirmed.

“We are expecting some vaccines, we are working with COVAX and in December we are expecting two sets of vaccines coming in, the exact dates we don’t have them as yet we we’re promised during December we would be able to get these vaccines,” he revealed during today’s update.

“We are looking at Pfizer, we looking at AstraZeneca and we are looking at some J&J (Johnson and Johnson vaccines).”

In underscoring the importance vaccination, the Health Minister pointed out that majority if the Covid patients in the hospital are pregnant and unvaccinated.

“The majority of the patients that we have at the Ocean View Hospital now are because they are pregnant…and most of these patients are not vaccinated and I think it’s important that pregnant women get their vaccination, it doesn’t matter which trimester but they need to get their vaccination.”

Currently, 66 persons are in hospital with 43 at the Ocean View facility and 15 of them in the ICU. Of this, 28 are pregnant women.

Guyana has recorded 52 cases within the last 24 hours taking the total number of recorded cases to 1,532.

In terms of vaccination, 399,829 adults have received a first dose of a Covid vaccine which represents 77.9 per cent of that population, while 276,888 or 54 per cent who are fully vaccinated.

For children, 29,088 or 39.9 per cent have received a first dose of the Pfizer vaccines while 20,270 or 27.8 per cent have received both doses.