Guyana sending 80 member contingent to CARIFESTA XII at cost of $65M

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[] – An eighty member contingent will be representing Guyana at the 2015 Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA) in Haiti. Minister within the Ministry of Education Nicolette Henry told the media that the contingent will represent all aspects of Guyanese culture.

Speaking at a press briefing at the Department of Culture, Youth and Sport on Friday, August 07, the Minister said that the group will include artists and cultural workers representing the following disciplines:  

Visual Arts (5 persons,) Craft (3,) Literary Arts (3) Symposia (2) Storytelling (1) Fashion (3) Youth (2) Body Art (1) Culinary Art (4) Film and Media (3) Drama (12) Dance (18) Music (17) Indigenous (2) and Body Soul (1). Accompanying the delegation will be three officials.

According to Minister Henry, sending the contingent to CARFIESTA will cost the Government $65 million. This cost includes, preparatory works, transportation, accommodation and material for the entire delegation, she said.

The Minister advised that the investment in the contingent for CARIFESTA must be looked at beyond the dollar value. She said that it must be assessed in terms of the positive impact it will have on the development of culture in Guyana and the region.

Junior Education Minister, Nicolette Henry
Junior Education Minister, Nicolette Henry

“Culture is said to be the oil that keeps society running. Through culture, you get a better understanding of traditions and it also allows us to showcase what we have, and it also increases knowledge level,” the Minister said.

She pointed out that both knowledge and tradition in many quarters are the main pillars of development. They are, as well the sustenance of many societies, she noted.

The investment in Guyana’s participation in CARIFESTA 2015 will also ensure the country continues its rich legacy with regards to the cultural event. As the Minister pointed out, when it comes to CARIFESTA, Guyana has not only hosted the event twice (in 1972 and 2008) but has also been one of the front-runners in participating in the event.

Guyana has participated in all eleven (11) CARIFESTAS held so far. The nation has also been participating in all the disciplines at the event, she noted. [Extracted and modified from GINA]



  1. Messrs. LA in response to your concern about culture. Yes, culture is important but more important is having a dry, clean place to dwell in and rest your head when night fall comes. Who wants to live in the misery of a wet, damp environment created by stagnant waters that breeds diseases such as mold which causes lung infections or leptospirosis?

    Are you suggesting that we consider beating drums and dancing galore whilst the whole damn place around us is collapsing? This is another sad case of ‘putting the cart before the horse’ and it is not a condition of arrested development confined only to the corrupt elements of the PPP but in equal measure to the confused elements of the APNU-AFC.

    In response to Burch01, no one harbours any animosity towards Roshini and her ability but she is an opportunist in every sense of the word. Try telling the overflowing canals to adjust themselves or the flooded yards and homes to adjust likewise. Guyana is definitely ‘The Land that Time Forgot’ judging from the alarming lack of concern to the most basic issues which in many ways is highly reminiscent of the ‘Emperor Nero playing his fiddle whilst Rome was burning’.

  2. @ Mother Sally…Do you know how important culture is,i don’t believe that you,or you would not have made the comments that you did.

  3. Cannot leave out Roshini !……How do you want the Guyana ‘diverse pot’ to be truly flavored ?
    The Drainage budget will be adjusted when necessary.

  4. It’s about time the money go to something which represents the country well. do you know how embarrassing it was to see one athlete representing Guyana at the Olympic games? All because the previous government was greedy.

  5. This is definitely a case of misguided priorities given the alarming fact that we are literally drowning like rats when it rains and the entire coastland goes under water.

    This place is the perfect setting for Water World II and the situation will definitely get worst as the next rainy season arrives and the canals and other drainage systems are further clogged up with styrofoam containers, plastic utensils, bottles and odd assortment of exotic household garbage.

    It is obvious that the powers that be have gone loco for all intensive purposes in their hierarchical needs by giving priority to sending a team of freeloaders and court jesters with scarce tax dollars to CARIFESTA versus fixing the local drainage mayhem. Imagine only allocating a paltry $35 million to the National Infrastructure Commission led by Ret’d. Gen. Joe Singh (A Man for All Seasons) to fix the local drainage woes and on the other hand – doling out $65 million to a team of artsy-fartsies to head off to Haiti.

    If memory serves right, Roshini Boodhoo is also a well known apologist, defender and electoral candidate of the previous regime so it is quite interesting to witness her being included in the national team headed to Haiti. They should all take a lesson or two in ‘Voudou’ whilst they are there because at the rate things are going in terms of ‘national priorities’ only Voudou can save us.


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