Guyana seeks Trinidad’s help in growing potatoes, onions

Former Minister of Health, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy.

Minister of Agriculture Dr. Leslie Ramsammy says Guyana and Trinidad are working collaboratively to develop Agriculture in each territory.

During an interview, Dr. Ramsammy noted that Trinidad has developed a research programme for the growing of potatoes and onions and his ministry is seeking Trinidad’s help to have this programme rolled out here in Guyana.

Dr. Ramsammy said the cultivation of onions and potatoes could be a significant achievement for Guyana and its farmers.

He explained that in return, Trinidad is seeking to occupy 10,000 acres of Guyanese land for rice planting and they are in the process of identifying that piece of land.

Dr. Ramsammy reminded that the rice industry in Trinidad is no longer in operation and as such, Guyana agreed to help the Twin Island Republic to get back on their feet.

But despite Guyana’s help, Trinidad will not be able to meet its local demand, thus the country will continue to import the remaining amount of rice from Guyana. [Akash Ramlackhan]



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