Guyana never “provoked” Venezuela – President Granger addresses Parliament

President David Granger

By Jomo Paul

David Granger[] – President David Granger has restated Guyana’s position that Venezuela has no right to claim the Essequibo as he addressed Parliament on Thursday, July 09 on issues relative to the current controversy between the two countries.

President Granger made it clear that Guyana never “provoked” Venezuela, dismissing the accusation made by the neighbouring country’s President, Maduro, who during an interview with TV Channel, Telesur said that the stance adopted by the government of Guyana over the territory of the Essequibo should foster national union for Venezuela to claim its legitimate right and to fight against provocations in all aspects.

In an article published today on El Universal, Maduro underscored that some sectors of the Venezuelan opposition have also joined such national union advocating Venezuela’s territorial rights, thus leaving political differences aside.

“The circumstances are forcing us to be united, to have a national union in order to reassert Venezuela’s rights and dispel provocations, to defeat them both morally and politically,” Maduro stressed.

But President Granger told Guyana’s Parliament that this was not the case. In fact, the President compared the armed forces and resources that Venezuela has at its disposal to that of Guyana, which is significantly lesser.

“We have never provoked or used aggression against any other nation and we never will…we never stymied the development of any other nation….we do not expect and do not condone any country attempting to do the same to us…Guyana has no interest to be aggressive towards Venezuela,” the President told the House.

The Head of State pointed out too that Guyana will continue working towards a peaceful resolution to the controversy.

The President regarded the most recent decree issued by Venezuela in relation to the border issue as having the same properties of its predecessor, while maintaining that Guyana has no obligation to consult with Venezuela on the options of international investments in the Essequibo or the Stabroek Block.

According to President Granger, Guyana will not bow to the whims and fancies of Venezuela concerning Guyana’s territory.

“This geographical fiction…(Venezuela is) completely blocking Guyana’s access to its exclusive economic zone…The Venezuelan government had no right to oppose exploratory activities by ExxonMobil in the Stabroek block…Venezuela had no right to be informed,” President Granger affirmed.

“Guyana has never used aggression against any state…in as much as we are a peace loving state we will not allow our territorial integrity to be violated and threatened,” the President also stated.




  1. Guyana provoked Venezuela the minute they allowed the yankee gringos to have such a big say in Guyana. Guyana was a sovereign nation now it seems like the 52 state of the USA. Hail the heroes (Jagan, Jagdeo, Priya and others) who stood up to these imperialist for they have fought for an independent nation not these cowards who stoop in their presence. The current government consist of cowards not leaders, they are all washed up failures installed by an imperialist government who is determined to suck Guyana dry as i did with Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, and all other nation with resources.

  2. Venezuela president is like a reincarnation of a devil and seems to have a
    educational deficiency he replace one number with a other number that
    means the same thing. His interpretation of the English language in regards
    to president Granger presentation to the summit leaves a lot to be considered,
    his lack of leader ship in his own country leaves him in a situation like a
    drowning man holding on to a straw.

  3. Maduro does not have the political acumen as his predecessor the late President Chavez and is certainly not as popular. He like so many others finding themselves in his predicament revert to the tried and true but dangerous common enemy scenario. This strategy usually fails and Maduro,s will. I cannot see him attacking an American vessel. His recent moves are nothing more than saber rattling, diversion and bravado.

  4. What’s the matter with these (MAD) Venezuelan presidnets including MADuro? Everytime they find themselves in political hot-water at home, they revert to the border issue – an issue which was settled way back in 1899.


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