Guyana named among the 23 best dressed nations at Tokyo Olympics


Despite criticism over Team Guyana’s uniform at the Tokyo Olympics, the seven-member contingent has been named one of the best dress groups.

During the opening ceremony of the Olympics, many viewers took to social media to express their views on the design of Team Guyana’s outfit, mostly criticizing the design.

Many stated that the predominantly red uniforms was of a certain political affiliation and that there was a colour of the Golden Arrowhead not present the design.

Nevertheless, team Guyana represented the country with pride and joy and while many may have their negative comments Team Guyana was named among the 23 best dressed nations at the Tokyo Olympics.

In a release from Insider Sports it was said, “The seven athletes representing Guyana wore a bold red that immediately caught the eye.”

This statement coming out of Tokyo immediately laid all the irrelevant and negative comments to rest and promoted what the Minister of Culture Youth and Sports Honorable Charles Ramson stated which was to celebrate the achievements of our young Guyanese who made it to the world stage to shine the spotlight on beautiful Guyana.