Guyana heads to the polls today; here’s what you need to know


By Jomo Paul

11024792_10152885081477849_2034574697702153669_n[] – Today, Monday May 11, Guyanese  will vote in the General and Regional Elections to elect the next President of Guyana and regional representatives.

This election, which is being dubbed “the mother of all elections,” will see APNU+AFC with Presidential Candidate Brigadier David Granger facing the People’s Progressive Party/Civic led by incumbent President Donald Ramotar for the Presidency of Guyana.

APNU+AFC’s Prime Ministerial Candidate is lifelong politician Moses Nagamootoo while the PPP has career diplomat Elisabeth Harper.

As a public service announcement, iNews Guyana has compiled a list of basic information you may need to cast you ballots.

You should be careful how you mark your ballot. The only sign accepted by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) is that of a “X.” Any other mark(s) on your ballot paper will render the ballot to an unusable state [spoiled or rejected]. These ballots will not be counted.fb_img_1429734653466

It is important to note that if you do not have your identification card, you can still vote. There are other ways of verifying you are who you claim to be.

Poll begins at 6:00hrs and goes until 18:00hrs. The polling station only closes until the last person who is in the line at 18:00hrs casts his or her ballot. N.B At 18:00hrs a member of the armed forces [police or soldier] will stand behind the last person in the queue.

If you are still unsure of where you are registered to vote, you can visit GECOM’s website at and search for your polling station simply by entering your name.



  1. Not truth to what you have said about the PPP/C. You are just afraid about the reality that APNU & AFC has no real future for Guyana but to spread lies and deception.

  2. Any political party that has been in power for 23 years and cannot campaign for elections based on its achievements, deserves to be kicked out of office. The PPP has carried out one of the most sadistically racist elections campaign ever. After 23 years, they had no significant achievements to boast of. So they made the uncivilized call to tribalism.

    The PPP treated the political campaign stage like it was an adult comedy show. They made promises, instilled fear in the minds of Indo-Guyanese and attacked the opposition as if they (the PPP) were not the incumbent. The worst offender was that crook Jagdeo. The brainless ones like Ramoutar, Irfaan Ali and Rohee were not far behind.

    Burnham, Hoyte and the Jagans are dead. Their legacies will not influence the future of Guyana. The integrity, compassion and commitment of the present politicians (Jagdeo/Ramoutar and Granger/Nagamotoo) will dictate whether Guyana rises or spiral downwards.

    The PPP has shown us that; they lack humility, they lack integrity, they are vindictive and in general do not deserve to manage the affairs of the Guyanese people. They have enslaved us for 23 years.



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