Guyana Gov’t accused of fear mongering, race baiting and vote buying

President Ramotar during one of his recent visit to an Amerindian Community.

Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews' Photo]
Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The main opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) – has accused the governing People’s Progressive Party (PPP), including President Donald Ramotar of several breaches to the electoral practice among which is the use of state resources for its election campaign activities.

The Opposition Leader says a complaint has already been made to the Guyana Elections Commission but registered his fear that these complaints may not be investigated by the police accordingly under the stewardship of the sitting Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee who has oversight for the police force.

At a news conference today, Friday, December 05, Granger recalled when the India’s Prime Minister was charged for using state resources for political campaigning; saying that it is a breach of the code of elections in democratic countries.

Responding to the President’s recent political visit to Amerindian communities using army resources, Granger said “let him use his Party resources, if he is going as Minister of Defence or President of the country no one can prevent him but it is clear that the PPP is in campaign mode and has been brushing everything aside.”

Granger said the PPP has launched a dirty, divisive and dangerous campaign on the approach of general and regional elections.

President Ramotar during one of his recent visit to an Amerindian Community.
President Ramotar during one of his recent visit to an Amerindian Community.

“The party’s General Secretary and its apparent elections campaign manager, Mr. Clement Rohee, have been issuing ludicrous but libellous attacks on Opposition Leaders and political parties,” he observed.

He said too that the PPP, for most of the year, has been deliberately fomenting constitutional crises in order to vilify the Opposition and distract the population from its own sordid record of corruption and mismanagement.

“The PPP, meanwhile, has been preventing the holding of local government elections and preparing for general and regional elections by indulging in fear-mongering, race-baiting, vote-buying and lying.”

On this note, the APNU warned the People’s Progressive Party that its inflammatory language, racial incitement and lies during this elections campaign will cause fear and racial hatred.

“The PPP and its General Secretary must bear responsibility for the consequences of these reckless statements and ferocious behaviour.”

APNU detailed the grounds for its accusations:


  • Fear mongering: The PPP’s scurrilous press statement dated 26th November is one of the most obscene and outrageous to have ever been issued by a political party. The PPP, referring to Opposition MPs by name, stated: “Both Mr. Granger and Mr. Greenidge… would unleash vengeance against anyone they perceive to be associated with the PPP and the PPP/C administration… these threats can only be seen as tantamount to the Demerara River flowing red with blood should the APNU and PNC come to power.”  The purpose of the statement is to breed fear by threatening a ‘blood bath’ if APNU were to win the next election.


  • Race-baiting:  The PPP has been publishing inflammatory, racist statements in order to influence the attitudes and behaviour of Amerindians and persons of Indian origin. The PPP, on 1st December, falsely claimed that the indigenous population had been “battered” under the PNC regime and that the Opposition was “attempting to disenfranchise the Amerindians. The PPP maliciously accused the PNC of being “bent on marginalising the indigenous population.”  In fact, it is the PPP which has been accused by the Alliance For Change of creating “…ethnic and geographic apartheid in Guyana” and of “…stirring anti-African fears, conjuring up the so-called ‘black jumbie’ to scare Indians and to woo them away from the AFC.”


  • Vote-buying: The PPP has been unfairly spending state resources in certain targeted communities in order to win their votes at the forthcoming elections. Several Ministers have been spending state funds at a phenomenal rate in order to “buy” votes. The Minister of Local Government and Regional Development unilaterally launched a multi-million dollar ‘clean-up-my-country’ programme. The Minister of Amerindian Affairs has been presenting villages with school uniform material. The Minister of Education waited over six months to start disbursing the $10,000 grant promised to the families of schoolchildren. The Prime Minister and junior Finance Minister have been lavishing netbooks (laptop computers) in several rural communities.


  • Peddling lies: The PPP lied when it described Shaquille Grant, who was killed by the Police, as a “criminal.” This was an infantile attempt by the author of that lie to show that the Leader of the Opposition was “in bed with the criminal underworld.”  Mr. Rohee was forced earlier this week to apologise to Ms Shonette Adams, the boy’s mother, for that malicious lie.  The PPP statement mendaciously went on to claim that “Mr. Granger indicated he will go on a ‘witch hunt’ and through his ‘lynch mob,’ would throw due process out the window.” This is a complete falsehood ― a fabrication that was concocted by a sick mind. 




  1. come on granger,leh we be practical and reason things out: if every time yuh go out in de streets foh protest yuh beat a maan ,he nah gon friken yuh? if he and he wife and he picknee ah sleep peacefully and yuh guh and shoot dem up and buss up he picknee belly,he nah gon friken yuh?if yuh stap de maan fram eating he favourite dhal and rice and jail he when yuh ketch he wid am,, he nah gon friken yuh? and if yuh neva apalagise fuh all dem rang weh yuh do ,he still nah gon friken yuh? none bady nah gah foh tell he foh friken yuh, he goh always believe yuh gon do back de same ting again and he go always friken yuh.

  2. The opposition have no constructive approach to resolve any problem but is the front runner in criticism. With all the things the opposition have against the PPP they can gain a 75% win next election. Unfortunately all is just fictional.

  3. Jai the things you mention that the PPP did, tell us the money came from Freedom House,or you,,hell no,,its the tax payers like yourself,,and if you or any of your friend want to see Guyindia move ,,STOP looking in the wrong direction,,you and the rest of fools need to look for a future,,are you aware i am just like you a proud owner and employ much more than you can dream of, Face facts ,,Guyana is not going any place ,,,stop living in your dream,,and i can see why you care nothing about the country,,your answer,,you are one of the many RAPING and destroying it,,you have a house in prado vill right,,,,you well off so to hell with any other notion,,the poor and the stink and dirty country you live in

  4. Andrew, Do you want to have a debate with a PPP supporter or not? Or would you like to have a discourse? Do you even know how to have a discourse? Were you awaken by a nightmare, and find yourself shouting our names? May I humbly ask you to be factual, and constructive in your discourse?
    Andrew, For your information, I am a businessman, I have multiple businesses in beautiful Guyana, I am a Guyanese employer with many employees, I am a tax payer, I pay taxes and NIS dues for all of my employees. I am involved in community work, I’m a CDC chairman, I’m a CPG chairman, etc. I love Guyana, and Guyanese.
    I hate sins, evil, and wickedness. You will learn more about me later. Now tell me about you now. By the way, you asked a question, and you didn’t see the answer.
    Your question was “name me one thing that the PPP did for his supporters”
    Please read a few of them. OPHTHALMOLOGY CENTER, in Port Mourant, (the best in the Caribbean) UNIVERSITY OF GUYANA BERBICE CAMPUS, in Port Mourant. TEACHERS TRAINING COLLEGE FOR SECONDARY SCHOOL, in Port Mourant. A STATE OF THE ART LABORATORY in Port Mourant, The above named Institutions are walking distance from the house of the father of the Nation, the great Jagan. In conclusion, I ask you to name me 100 things your opposition did for Guyana, and I will name you 500. You have been calling us “brain dead”. Are you better than us. I still want to know who killed (murder) Parmanand, and Cowsella. I want you Andrew to tell us what you know about the bomb that kill Dr. Walter Rodney? Show us your live brain!!!!!!!!!!

  5. If you are so concerned that criminal is on the rise supported by the current administration then why are the opposition lawyers busy defending the confessed criminals in court and why did the opposition voted against the firearm bill.

  6. the words are those of the PPP/C cabal. It’s clear and in Print. what more do you want. God is watching. Prayer warriors stay on your knees for the ouster of this PPP/C government.

  7. Jai stop,,,the big guns were given out to criminals,,,your COP giving them out at a price right now ,,,you and the rest of crabs cant fool nobody,,only yourself,,,how many GUNS getting take away from you and falling into the hands of criminals ,,,the time you and gray sit to praise a lost pack of criminals,,,you can help by doing something for Guyana,,

  8. Of all the people complaining about the electoral process and elections, Mr Granger should sit at the back row. Rigged elections were made a routine occurence.
    Cheating by the PNC Goverment was so brazen that bareface and boldness was seen as business as usual.
    Mr Granger was there, done that and wore the T-Shirt.
    Forbes Burnham taught him well.

  9. every march..every protest pnc holds is an election campaign..ask the pnc crab dog andrew what his pnc people did with all the foreign donations it received..ask pnc red thread to give account for what they done so far since they get 400 thou$ from the US..

  10. Granger, Are you for real? Do you seriously want people to listen t you? Well okay, First tell us about all those BIG, BIG guns you illegally handed out to criminals while you were in the Army. Tell us who was giving bombs to Immanuel Fairbane, called Batson and his terrorist groups? Tell us about the bomb that killed the most intelligent Guyanese black man, Dr. Walter Rodney? Did Rupert Roopnarine know about my brother murder? Can we forget those army boots that used to kick us, and kick down our doors? How seared is your conscience??


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