‘Guyana faces dangers created by the Opposition’ – President tells IAC Berbice Mela



President Donald Ramotar greets Guyanese at the IAC Mela.
President Donald Ramotar greets Guyanese at the IAC Mela.

[www.inewsguyana.com]– President Donald Ramotar on Saturday evening appealed to all Guyanese for their support to take Guyana out of “the dangers that the joint Opposition Parties are trying to push upon the country.”

Speaking at the Indian Arrival Committee’s (IAC) International Mela at the University of Guyana, Tain Campus, the President said, “As we celebrate the achievements that we have made over the years, let us not go into a false sense of complacency and think that everything is ok…. We have to continue to use the example of our fore parents to continue the struggle to make Guyana one of the best countries in the world”.

Guyanese, he said must remember the sacrifices of their fore parents, even as today as, “our country faces the dangers created by the opposition. Guyana being a part of the international community, has an agreement…we want to pass a bill (AMLCFT) to fight against drug trafficking and money laundering, to fight against corruption. The opposition accuses us of corruption, but the bill we are (seeking) to pass, they are opposed to it. They talk about fighting drug lords, this bill is to fight drug lords,” he asserted.Berbice Mela 1

He further noted, “We are at a different stage of our struggle. There are forces in our country when they were in government destroyed Guyana, and now they are in Opposition they do not want to see the country go forward. Every year- 2012, 2013, 2014- they have been cutting the budget, and cutting important things that affect the lives of our people.”



  1. It is frustrating to read the crap that comes out of these pathetic politicians and to the audience it is directed to, trying to score political points


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