Guyana discusses security, culture cooperation with Argentina


DSC_2334[] – Argentine Ambassador to Guyana, Luiz Alberto Martino on Friday, July 10 paid a courtesy call on Minister of State Joseph Harmon, where they had cordial discussions.

According to a press release from the Ministry of the Presidency, Ambassador Martino said that one of his country’s goals is to reopen an embassy here in Guyana. He also indicated his interest in advancing several sectors here including education, culture, agriculture and defense.

Minister Harmon in turn expressed gratitude to the Ambassador as he took interest in proposed cultural and defense contributions from Argentina. He requested the presence of the Argentina Tango Group for Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary which will be celebrated in 2016.

The Minister said that Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations will be a huge cultural affair and he is looking forward to receiving a large delegation from Argentina to help celebrate the event.

On the note of security and defence, Minister Harmon who is also Secretary of the Defence Board told the Ambassador of the need for better policing of Guyana’s borders, and the need for the improvement of forensic investigations here.

In return, Ambassador Martino outlined plans and ideas to contribute to the improvement and development of Guyana.



  1. Sapra, to try and answer your first question. I went to Argentina a few times and I just love that place, even though my Spanish is very, very poor. But People are people everywhere and we can all learn something from one another. When the visiting Argentina Tango performers recently did a show at the National Cultiral Centre in Georgetown, I was there and really enjoyed it.
    Now, to try and answer your second question. Mr Joe Harmon seems to be a Media-type individual, probably more than President Granger and PM Nagamootoo (even though Mr Nagamootoo was once a News Reporter). Look, leave Mr Joe alone. But could you remember how I was critical of him as a communicator not so long ago? Well, I am very pleased with how he has improved over the past two months or so. It’s like a miracle! Such rapid improvement! Bravo, Mr. Joe. keep it up, Sir.

  2. How are Guyana and Argentina culturally similar, aside from both being South American?

    Any why is Joe Harmon getting so much more press time and exposure than either Pres. Granger and PM Nagamootoo?


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