Guyana Diplomatic Reps to be replaced soon

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon addressing reporters at the press conference.

By Jomo Paul

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon.
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon.

[] – Minister of State, Joseph Harmon has revealed that the Guyana Government has already taken steps to replace its foreign representatives at Embassies and High Commissions across the world.

Harmon made the revelation on September 23, shortly after a post cabinet press briefing, where he stated that the replacements are expected to take place within the coming weeks.

He said the government has already informed all Guyanese diplomats of their replacements so that systems can be put in place to usher in the new representatives.

The Minister of State explained that the replacements are likely to happen before November since the time would have been sufficient for foreign governments to be informed and other steps put in place.

“There has been notification to all of these Ambassadors and High Commissioners that there is a distinct likelihood that they are all going to be replaced,” Minister Harmon said.

In the past few weeks, the government announced that Career diplomat Cheryl Mils has been appointed Ambassador to Venezuela, replacing Geoffrey DaSilva.

However, there has been no word from the Venezuelan government on the acceptance of Miles as Guyana’s resident Ambassador in Venezuela, after Nicolas Maduro suspended the process.

Guyana has foreign missions in close to 20 countries worldwide and Honorary consuls in others.



  1. Just had a smirk on my face after reading Jagdeo saying that Guyana should not have an ARROGANT foreign policy… need I say more!

  2. Should they leave the current ambassadors who are PPP hacks in place to report to Freedom House before reporting to Tacuba Lodge and to carry out obstructionist acts in a sly manner? The new minister has to put his own team in place. The professional diplomats could be reshuffled according to the minister’s game plan. No body owns an ambassadorial posting the way the inept and incompetent Dindyal owned the CEO’s position at GPL. Look at how frequently the ambassadors from the US, Canada and Britain to Guyana are rotated. Likewise the representatives of the European Union and the United Nations Development Programme. Its best practice. At any rate the professional diplomats would want new assignments with a new environment and new challenges. Duh!

  3. It so sad . Racism has done an irreversible dent on the empty heads of Bugs, BK and Rudolph . These cats may have missed their attachment to the Office of the President in the Jagdeo administation ……no rules , no.system , no protocol . Blinded and drunk by the toxic stench of racism will unfortunately keep them from thinking straight

  4. Let’s see how many will be replaced. Again this will be race based. Indo Guyanese will be the first to go. The good old PNC days are back.

  5. Rudolp you are displaying your ignorance of international relations. In every country on this planet protocol dictates that incoming governments place in these pisitions their representatives. It is an accepted practice when the ppp did it I would wager a guess it was ok in your opinion. You and that idiot dk are so racially warped you cant even see or accept the obvious.Did you protest or disagree when that crook/ hoodlum jagdeo did the same in mass or have you conveniently forgotten.

  6. PNC foreign ministry will suck the life out of Guyanese again. PNC had the largest foreign ministry when they ruled illegally and this day they are illegally ruling again and history will repeat itself.

  7. this government is so stupid these Ambassadors have relationship built with the nation where they are station already why interrupt this relationship . this government have no clue what they are doing none their policies is one of the worst I have seen in any nation. your are doing a great job destabilization of international relationship is excellent


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