Guyana bags Guinness World Record for ‘most stickers on a car’


The Embassy of Guyana in Kuwait has set a Guinness World Record in the category of ‘most stickers on a car.’ The Embassy on Sunday received a certificate from the Guinness World Records adjudicator, witnessed by several dignitaries from various embassies.

The celebration coincided with Guyana’s 50th anniversary since becoming a Republic, 25 years of diplomatic ties with Kuwait, and Guyana’s ninth anniversary of opening its embassy in Kuwait.

The event was hosted by Guyanese Ambassador, Dr Shamir Ally and wife Maryam Beebe-Ally at Kuwait Motor Town near Wafra.

“This is the first time in history an embassy has done such a thing. We are delighted to celebrate the friendship between Guyana and Kuwait and inviting Kuwait’s royal family, Ministers, Governors, diplomatic corps and friends to share this special day with us. We are honoured,” said Ally in a short speech before receiving the award.

Guyana broke the previous record set by another country with 14,636 stickers to a new record of 41,543 stickers on a salon car. “The vehicle is a sedan with plate number 3. The car can be driven even after the stickers were pasted, as no stickers cover the operational aspects of the car such as the mirrors, windows and lights. Visitors to the embassy (in Mubarak Abdullah Jaber in west Mishref) can see the car as part of the ‘Show, Tell and Know’ tour, and later it will be turned over to the Kuwait museum as Guyana’s gift to Kuwait,” he said.

On Saturday, Shaifali Mishra, an adjudicator from Guinness World Records, flew into Kuwait from Dubai to oversee the proceedings. The stickers must adhere to rules and regulations – stickers can touch side by side by are not allowed to overlap. Mishra noted she had to disqualify 721 such stickers. However, Guyana broke the previous record as the sticker count reached 41,543. (Ben Garcia)