Gunmen terrorise, rob Blairmont family


Four men armed with handgun, knives and cutlasses on Wednesday evening terrorised and robbed a Blairmont, West Bank Berbice family, escaping with a quantity of cash and jewellery. The robbery occurred at about 19:15h, moments after Shamshudeen Khan, also called ‘Fizal’, closed his grocery shop.

INews understands that the four men confronted the businessman and held him at gunpoint demanding cash and jewellery after he closed his shop for the day.

robberyAs the men confronted and ordered Khan to hand over jewellery and money, they held his wife and two children (ages 7 and 8). During the ordeal, the men entered the shop, broke the drawer and took away about $500,000 and about $200,000 in jewellery which he kept in the kitchen. Not satisfied with what they got, they then went to one of the bedrooms, opened the wardrobe but came up empty handed.

The bandits then turned their attention on Khan’s wife and ordered her to take off the jewellery she was wearing at the time, and she complied.

After the five-minute ordeal, the men then escaped into a nearby housing scheme. Khan noted that the men were not wearing masks at the time of the robbery and he could identify them. The incident has left the businessman’s wife and two children in a traumatised state.

The police are continuing their investigations into the incident.



  1. OMG…This is getting worst. These areas are not used to such crimes.But it’s time that we, as a nation, stop blaming the government for these crimes. Thanks to INews that they can bring all these crimes to light. This is very good since these crime reports make people more aware of what is actually happening in the country. Guyanese need to pray. Turn from your wicked ways my fellow citizens of Guyana. Call upon God and he will deliver you. But please, stop playing the race hate!

  2. When these men are captured, don’t be surprised – their mothers will be their Alibi. We are using our Political affiliation to encourage this behaviour, giving our Party a bad name. Greed, Jealously, laziness, low self esteem, guilt is causing our men folk to commit these crimes. We women keep making these babies, no fathers in sight and our sons feel it’s their duty to help us mothers put food, clothes and pay the bills. So they go out and commit these heinous crimes. We should be raising Leaders and not followers/sheep. Once a child is out of your sight, you can’t swear for them. Hardworking people are Suffering in this country because of the Robberies.

  3. Ramjattan should be fired. People in Berbice as a community need to take steps to protect themselves from these criminals.

    This is the good life fable the govt is selling.


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