GINA has a responsibility to cover elected Opposition – President Granger


President David Granger has made it clear that the state-run information agency has a  responsibility to cover all branches of Government, even the elected Opposition while in Parliament. The Head of State was at the time responding to questions on his weekly televised Public Interest Program, where he raps with local journalists.

President David Granger and Government's Director of Public Information, Imran Khan
President David Granger and Government’s Director of Public Information, Imran Khan

The President on Friday said the Government Information Agency (GINA), has every right to cover the affairs of the political Opposition in the National Assembly, putting to rest conflicting claims made by his Director of Public Information, Imran Khan last week on his Facebook page.

“As far as I am concerned the Government Information Services, the Government News Agency must cover all three branches of government, Legislative, Executive and Judicial. The people of Guyana have to be better informed, and you cannot inform the people by depriving them of information.

“The people need to know and that is my policy. I’ve announced that policy while I was in opposition and I maintain that policy now that I’m in government”.

The Director of Public Information has come under fire for his recent remarks, which indicated that GINA was only required to cover the affairs of the sitting Government. He was at the time responding to criticisms that the National Communications Network (NCN) and GINA, were only highlighting news by the Government.

The A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and Alliance for Change (AFC), while in opposition, had been very vocal against what they said were discriminatory practices by the then operations of the GINA and the NCN. Their cry was against not being able to have equal access to the State agencies.



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  3. He has every right to secure his bread-and-butter. At least the public knows he is on Government’s payroll, unlike all the ones PPP had paying them to spread propaganda and lies. I won’t even go into the disgraceful act of hiring phantom employees at GINA and NCN. That is for another time.

  4. you on here daily with the same trash and you gettin’ chance-after-chance to say what you want to say and all you can come up with is utter trash! if gina ain’t giving a’yuh coverage a’yuh needn’t cry because, none of you could form a proper opinion about the basic of reports when the newsday begins.

  5. GINA has a responsibility to cover elected Opposition – President Granger
    Yall are Mooks? Yall believe this US backed Installed ruler want PPP get coverage?
    PPP will get yes but not to say what they really want to say..
    Garingeheh thinks most Guyanese are as dumb as him..He still taking orders from Bunham to this day.

  6. Imran is trying to secure his bread and butter so he says things for the government to have some sympathy with him.

  7. The NAMAKHARAM instructed this yesman/ puppet to do as he is told. He is not allowed the freedom of thinking for himself, hence he has to get clearance from the Nagaman- before anything goes to the GINA for public consumption.


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