Gunmen rob Freshmart Supermarket twice in three weeks – as crime wave spirals out of control

The Freshmart Supermarket at Covent Garden (photo: supermarket's website)
  • owner fed-up, closes business indefinitely

    By Kristen Macklingam

Three gunmen, two of whom donned black masks, last evening executed a daring robbery at the Freshmart Supermarket located at Covent Garden, East Bank Demerara (EBD) escaping with over $1M in cash and valuables from staff and customers.

Reports are that around 19:35 hrs on Wednesday, the owner of the business had just arrived at the location to balance the cash from the day’s sales as two of his staff members attended to the remaining customers in the building.

The Freshmart Supermarket at Covent Garden (photo: supermarket's website)
The Freshmart Supermarket at Covent Garden (photo: supermarket’s website)

The supermarket was just about to be closed when the three bandits stormed into the premises brandishing guns and issuing threats.

 They demanded that everyone inside of the building lie face down on the floor while they (the perpetrators) relieved them of their valuables such as jewellery, cellular phones and cash.

 The owner of Freshmart Supermarket, who requested that his name not be published, stated that the trio was able to steal over $1M in cash and valuables from both the business and persons who were inside of the building at the time of the robbery.

 He explained that while the gunmen did not fire any shots they threatened to shoot anyone who did not comply with their orders and demands.

 INews was told that the supermarket’s cameras were able to record clear footage of the men and although two of them were masked the third perpetrator can be identified from the recording.

 The owner of the business posited that the bandits made good their escape in a motorcar which was parked directly in front of the supermarket. However, the colour, make and model of the ‘get-away’ vehicle could not be seen clearly.

 According to the proprietor, three weeks prior to this incident his supermarket was robbed and although the security cameras managed to record the culprit, he was not arrested for the alleged crime.

 The man further explained that at the time of the first robbery three weeks ago he was not pleased with the service being offered at the Providence Police Station, EBD, and this time he is far from satisfied with the pace of the investigation.

 Presently, the Freshmart Supermarket has been closed for an indefinite period, he noted.

 “I do not know when or if I am going to re-open my business due to the crime situation and the way in which police deal with such matters. The police need to do more and act more rather than offer lip service. The previous matter although it wasn’t such a big robbery, the police didn’t do what they were supposed to, they didn’t even want to listen to me really,” the businessman posited.

 He is also offering a reward of $1M for information that can lead to the arrest of the three gunmen who robbed his supermarket last evening.

 “I have lost a lot of money…is more than one time now I get robbed and I think it is the same people carrying out the robberies…so I am offering this reward not to do the police’s work but to help them do the work faster,” he posited.

 Meanwhile,  Commander Ian Chapman who has responsibility for Police “A” Division, told INews that police ranks are presently investigating the robbery which occurred last evening.

 When asked about the previous robbery where the businessman alleged that the detective along with the accused had tried fleecing him (the proprietor) of $2M with regards to the case, the Commander stated that he was unaware of this.

 However, he vowed to investigate the claim and deal with the matter accordingly.



  1. So sickening that we continue to live with such a weak policing system.The corruption is at such a level that the average Guyanese person nowadays just accepts the injustice and move on in life..So sad…

  2. HA HA . POLICE moving at slow pace. Well the police involve. Read in another news paper them got to get sunlight to uplift fingerprints . What a comedy Police force.
    There should be a flyer or newspaper of all the robbery victims picture .


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