Gunmen rob Eccles Police Group Vice Chairman, neighbour – in daring daylight stickup


Two residents of the Young Professionals Housing Scheme, in Eccles, on the East Bank of Demerara – one of whom is the Vice Chairman of the Community’s Policing Group – were robbed in broad daylight on Friday by four gunmen.
Reports are that on Friday morning at about 11:30 hrs, Eon Wills, a resident of the community, was perusing the streets in his motor vehicle, when he noticed four men vacating a home in the area that was known to be unoccupied.

Vice Chairman of the Eccles CPG, Balram Seopersaud
Vice Chairman of the Eccles CPG, Balram Seopersaud

He said his curiosity arose, so he drove closer to the home, hoping to “get a better look” at what was transpiring.
However, he was spotted by one of the men, who then began calling out to him. Wills relayed that he did not respond to the calls and instead drove away and opted to stop at a neighbour, who resided two houses away from him.
His neighbour, who is the Vice Chairman of the Eccles Community Policing Group, Balram Seopersaud, said when he noticed Wills parked in front of his home, he went out to greet him but before he could speak, a gun was pointed to his head and he was being ordered by a gunman to lie face down on the parapet.
“It happened around 11:30hrs. I usually work my bus in the mornings, and I just came in and I parked and saw a black car reversing and I knew it was my neighbour, so I went out to see what was up. By the time he took his windows down and I duck, I saw a white car pull up at the side and a gunman came up and put a gun to my head and I saw another one had a gun to his (Wills) window and the gunmen told us to go on the ground,” Seopersaud related.
Seopersaud and Wills said they both followed the gunmen’s instructions and the four men began to search them and rid them of over $300,000 in cash and jewellery, as well as the keys to their respective vehicles.
The gunmen then instructed Wills to accompany Seopersaud into his house and began to search and remove all valuables, including four cellular phones, jewellery and one 42-inch flat screen television.
According to the duo, the four men who had their faces covered throughout the entire robbery, then vacated the home and drove off in a white Toyota Allion.
The Police arrived subsequently, and it is reported that the Allion, which was utilised by the gunmen, was found abandoned. Investigations are ongoing.




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