Gunmen carryout over $15M heist on Providence business

File photo: The store when it opened its doors in 2013
File photo: The store when it opened its doors in 2013

R. Maye Hardware Guyana Inc. hardware store located at Providence East Bank Demerara was on Sunday robbed, reportedly by three armed gunmen who stole millions in cash and other items.

Based on information received, at about 9:30hrs on the day in question, the armed men entered the store and held the security guard and a sales representative at gunpoint before incapacitating them.

They then used a bolt cutter to gain access to the vault. It is unclear how the men got through the vault but this publication understands that over $15M was taken. 

In addition to the money, the armed men relieved the security guard and the sales representative of a phone and a quantity of cash.

This was not the first time the business that is owned by a Trinidadian was robbed since its establishment in 2013.

This publication was reliably informed that the robbery was reported moments after it occurred and a team of police ranks were deployed to the area, but due to the geographic location of the area, by the time the team arrived, the men had already escaped.



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