GTUC ‘shocked and disgusted’ with decision to change date of CXC, CAPE exams


President of the GTUC, Lincoln Lewis. [iNews' Photo]
President of the GTUC, Lincoln Lewis. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) has objected to government’s decision to change the date for the CXC/CAPE examinations from May 11 – 12 to June 15 – 15 in order to facilitate national elections.

The GTUC in a statement noted that this shift will compromise the integrity of the examinations.

“The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) registers shock and disgust that the Government of Guyana has decided to reschedule CXC examinations, a regional calendar item, to fulfill their need. CXC is a timbale event, not only national in nature but also regional. To shift the CXC speaks to questionable integrity in this whole act. Why change the regional calendar event to meet a desperate need to host elections around Arrival Day and purported visit of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi?”

Education Minister, Priya Manickchand made the announcement at a news conference with the full support of the CXC council.

However, the GTUC believes that this change in date will only add pressure to the students.

“There is no national disaster to justify shifting a regional exam of such importance. One can only suspect that the Ramotar regime places the future of our youth second place to the desperate quest for election victory. The PPP had long enough to determine an appropriate elections date, whether it is a month before or month after. Outside of there being a national disaster or declared war, the GTUC condemns any attempt to reschedule CXC exams. This is the height of ridiculousness.”

According to the GTUC, it will be dispatching a letter of concern to the CXC headquarters and CARICOM heads, “questioning either their knowledge and/or facilitation of the rescheduling of CXC exams, and if necessary their continued subjugation and support of PPP manipulation and poor governance, now directly affecting our children and the future, not only of Guyana but the Caribbean.”



  1. You sound like you are going to be in parliament, you will be minister of what ?? ,,I wonder why you only blog on the news thst is all crap,, what will you and your family do when the PNC/APNU ate elected,,I hope for tje country sake we have a clean and ppl vote with HEART not RACE,,Guyana is home to many ,ask a indisn in NY if he going home he will tell you NO,,this has to chsnge,its time for a better Guyana,,

  2. Stop shaking bahboo, you praying for the creeps all you dick heads going to jail ,,you want BAR_RAT in so he could thief more,,he rape Guyana enough,,Roger coming home ,,watch it I am watching you Jai ,,

  3. Stop crying!! PNC stop crying ! Lincoln PNC Lewis stop crying!
    PNC stop grumbling !
    PNC stop murmuring !
    PNC stop complaining !
    PNC stop crying, and start praying for the continuous development of this beautiful country.

  4. ahh boy if de government de shift de election dates u would a hear something else….just cant please some people


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