GTT wants rates increased for ‘struggling landline’; consumer body says service should be free


rate-increaseGuyana Telephone & Telegraph Company (GTT) was once again met with stern objections from the Guyana Consumers Association on its second request so far to increase the fees for the obsolete landline service.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the telephone giant, Justin Nedd made another case before the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) for the landline rates to be increased in light of global market trends.

Nedd said the demand for landline service is diminishing with the influx of cellular devices and contended that the telephone giant is struggling to offset the expenses incurred in providing this service.

He also stated that the overseas call services are suffering tremendously with the advent of free apps like Skype and Whatsapp calling.

A proposal is being made for these fees to be reduced in order to compete with these technological advances.

On the other hand, President of the Guyana Consumers Association Pat Dial contended that the company generates super-normal profits which would allow them to offer the landline service free of charge.

GTT had submitted this application for an increase in 2014 but it was completely rejected by the Consumers Body.

Despite being denied, the company intends to continue pressing for the rates to be increased, as the telephone giant is saying that it is not economical to continue providing the service at a loss.

According to GTT, the rates have not been adjusted since 2001 though inflation has doubled and the value of the Guyana dollar has depreciated since then.

The PUC says it will deal with the matter at a subsequent date.


  1. Please don’t increase the rates! There r still poor people out there that don’t have cellular devices! N not everything we use cell phone we use our land line to call in at skl to find out abt our kids to call in at work etc… WE CUSTOMERS SAY DONT RAISE THE FEES PLEASE


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