Pensioners to receive allowances with ease through electronic system


Pensioners will now be able to access their allowances with ease through the Social Protection Ministry’s automated system, GINA said.

pensionersAssistant Chief Probation and Social Services Officer, Ricardo Banwarie was quoted by GINA as saying that through the automated system, checks and balances will be carried out to ensure the pensioners are receiving their pensions faster.

Banwarie explained that it is a system where pensioners will sign on the coupon booklet and access their cash. The pensioners’ information will be entered into the data base for the Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) to keep record of  pensioners in the system.

“Added to that, we will be having the agents, for persons who are shut-ins, persons who are not capable of going to the Post Office to uplift their pensions. We will be able to have the names of the persons who are going to be authorised to uplift the pension on behalf of the pensioner in our data base,” Banwarie explained.

GINA said that this new system will not take away the coupon booklet system, but will run parallel with it. Banwarie explained that, the system will be more transparent. He added that if a pensioner has to relocated, he or she must inform the Post Office.

The Assistant Chief Probation and Social Services Officer noted that the schedule for the new system will be in the print media this weekend. Pensioners can also check with the distribution centres in their region for more information.


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