GTT employees afforded optional retirement package


Employees of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GTT) who have served the company for a minimum of 10 years and are over the age of 55 years have been recently offered the option of ‘voluntary retirement’ by the telecommunications giant.

gttThose workers who fall within this group were given letters which outlined the optional offer and were able to meet with the management team where it was emphasised that the rejection or acceptance of this offer is one of “individual choice,” said GTT.

According to the telephone company, the aim of this move was to ensure that pension schemes for its employees remain viable to their benefits.

“One of the benefits of being employed by GTT is membership to our non-contributory defined benefit pension plan. Employees become eligible to benefit from this scheme after serving for 10 years.

“The company sees the voluntary offer made to employees as a win for both long-serving employees and consumers. Employees win because they are being given a unique opportunity to take advantage of a one time, 100 per cent pension payout,” GTT further said.

Meanwhile, the company continues to deploy resources to expand its services, upgrade systems and remains optimistic that 2016 will see it being granted spectrum for 4G mobile data with the telecommunications sector being liberalized to allow all players a level playing field.

“The Management congratulates and commends all long service employees who have significantly contributed to the development of the industry.…we are excited about our future plans in which we intend to make significant investments in some key areas, which will be announced soon. GTT is eager to continue to play an integral role in the growth and development of Guyana as we “Do More” to win for our customers,” the company said in a release.







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