GTA working to develop more tourist sites in Reg. 10

Kayaking in the famous Linden Blue Lakes

The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) is prioritizing tourism development in Region Ten this year, as it establishes itself as one of the most visited in the country.

Product Development Manager at the GTA, Candace Phillips said that the agency is exploring the tourism potential of the region.

She mentioned the GTA has been working to identify new attractions and improve existing products within the region.

“What we hope to see is that in another year time, that more attractions are more well known and well developed in this area but also looking at service delivery and quality as well,” Phillips told the Department of Public Information (DPI) during a recent interview.

She said the GTA is working with communities to create a more diverse tourist experience in the region.

“We really want to ramp up the work here, and we have actually begun already. We have begun assessments in Malali, for example, along the river and we will continue to do those. We‘ve got some assessments also earmarked for the Kwakwani area and along the way. So, we are looking at both riverine communities as well as the mainland,” she stated.

Elite Kayaking and Nature Tours which was established in the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic, is one of the tour companies that have been working with the GTA to create memorable tourist experiences when visiting the region.

Speaking with DPI, the Owner Deon Anderson noted that his business has helped to change the perception of Linden

“A lot of people come to see the blue lakes, but when they come they venture out into other areas and they see linden is a lot more than just the blue lakes,” he stated.

He noted that eco-tourism development has great potential as the region boasts many waterways, lakes, creeks and the blue lakes.

He noted that developing these areas brings economic development and opens up new opportunities.

“Many times, when people think of Linden they didn’t necessarily think of tourism. They saw linden as an area for mining an area for business, but now the tourism is developing because people’s eyes are opened when they see the capabilities of what can be done,” he stated

He noted that activities like the swimming and kayaking competitions have used the waterways in a different way to create new attractions persons to enjoy.

With the close proximity to the city, it is a convenient location for weekend getaways for relaxation and adventure. [DPI]