Grove couple assaulted, robbed and carjacked in front of their home

The stolen car

A couple are now pleading for assistance to locate their car after they were attacked, beaten and robbed of their motor vehicle and personal belongings at their Grove Public Road, East Bank Demerara (EBD) home.

The incident occurred about 20:30h on Sunday when the couple were in the process of off-loading the car.

Reports are that Khan (only name given) exited his vehicle PPP 6167, opened the garage, and went back to his car to unload several items.

His wife, Niketa Khan, then exited the car and went into the garage; however, while in the garage, she peered outside and noticed two armed men attacking her husband.

The stolen car

The woman told this publication that as the two unmasked men were attacking her husband, a third man approached her and demanded that she hand over her valuables.

The distraught woman related that she was taken to the car where the bandits proceeded to search the vehicle for valuables.

Several items, including $90,000 in cash, wallets, a licence, an ID card, and two phones, were taken.

The gunmen reportedly started to escape on foot, but quickly returned, subdued the male victim and took his car keys from his pocket.

The men then boarded the silver Toyota Premio motor car and made good their escape.

The Providence Police Station was contacted, but Niketa Khan claimed that she was told by Police that “it made no sense to chase after the men because they have guns”.

During a phone interview with this publication, the woman relayed that the Police did not even attempt to apprehend the men by setting up a roadblock.

According to her, the men probably headed towards Providence as a Bible which was left in the car was found in that direction on the roadway.

“They went that side, because we had a Bible in the car and our phone numbers and so was in the Bible and a lady found it and called we,” Mrs Khan disclosed.

The woman described one of the men as being tall and of African descent.

The family is asking persons with information to contact the nearest police station or 592-639-4418/592-266-5084 urgently.

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) just recently urged drivers – especially those of Toyota Allions and Premios – to be extremely vigilant when driving, as there appears to be an increase in carjackings across the country.

That warning came after a total of six drivers reported that their vehicles had been hijacked in the month of August.



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