“Green was taken out of context” – Norton defends ‘rigging’ remarks

Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton



Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton has defended the remarks made by Hamilton Green, contending that his statements on rigged elections were taken out of context.

Norton, when asked for a comment on the situation today, argued that Green was speaking hypothetically, ‘”if’ they say the PNC is rigging…then we should rig to change the government”.

“The context was changed,” Norton insisted, asserting that Green is a veteran politician who “has the ability to choose language”.

“He wouldn’t make wild statements.”

The Opposition Leader is also of the opinion that the remarks made by Green does not affect the image of the PNC.

Green, a former PNC General Secretary, on Friday last suggested that election rigging be used to remove the ruling People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Administration from office.

He was at the time addressing a group of persons gathered for the LFS Burnham Foundation Annual Commemorative Symposium 2024 – an event organised to commemorate the 101st birth anniversary of Linden Forbes Burnham – former PNC leader and President of Guyana, whose legacy is largely attributed to his dictatorship-style leadership and blatant rigging of several elections.

Among other things, Green expressed, “…It was Burnham’s wisdom which got him into office in 1964. I was General Secretary at the critical time. And if, as I told one of the groups I met [Friday] morning, if they say he rigged elections, I say we should keep rigging to save us from these devils, these bastards, these demons that we have.”