Granger’s ‘narco’ statement is an insult, he should apologise – President Ramotar

Opposition Leader, David Granger and President Donald Ramotar.


By Fareeza Haniff

Opposition Leader, David Granger and President Donald Ramotar.
Opposition Leader, David Granger and President Donald Ramotar.

[] – President Donald Ramotar has vehemently rejected the assertion by Opposition Leader, David Granger that Guyana is sleepwalking into narco-statehood.

During an interview on Thursday, April 10, the Head of State called on the Opposition Leader to apologise to the people of Guyana for making such a statement without providing any evidence.

Granger made the allegation during his contribution to the 2014 budget debate in the National Assembly on April 09.

He said that the narco – trafficking is the engine of growth in Guyana which is responsible largely for other criminal activities including murders and armed robberies.

However, this assertion did not sit too well the President.

“I think that is a big insult to all the people of our country who are working very hard in order to develop themselves as individuals and in the process developing our country,” Ramotar said.

He challenged Granger to provide evidence to back up his allegation.

“And these are general statements they (Opposition) have been making without making any arguments to substantiate any of them.  I would like him to point out in any one of the line items where the drug money is.”

The Head of State is of the view that the Opposition Leader should withdraw the comments.

“I think that the Opposition in general and the Leader of the Opposition in particular needs to apologize to the people of this country for the statement that he has made. Let him point to which building he knows that is narco driven in this country. I find that obnoxious and a total lack of appreciation for the efforts of the hardworking people of this country,” Ramotar noted.



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