Granger silent on replacement of Backer, says her resignation is a ‘serious blow’ to APNU


By Fareeza Haniff

Deborah Backer.
Deborah Backer.

[]Leader of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), David Granger confirmed that he received a letter of resignation from party stalwart, Deborah Backer as a Parliamentarian on Thursday, February 6.

Backer’s resignation takes effect today, Friday February 7; however it is still unclear as to whether Backer will remain a member of the People’s National Congress Reform.

When questioned about this today during a press conference, Granger told reporters that Backer did not indicate her role in the Party, if any, in her resignation letter.

Meanwhile, the APNU is still undecided as to who will replace Backer in Parliament. Granger did not want to divulge any names, but indicated that the Party is looking at a “list of persons.”

The APNU is said to be fielding two candidates: Dr. Karen Cummings and Aubrey Norton. The other parties in APNU seem to favour Anthony Viera.

Insiders told iNews there were heated debates on the possible replacement at APNU leadership meetings.

Given the fact that Backer was also the Deputy Speaker of the House, the APNU is hoping to fill that spot as well.

The Opposition Leader told reporters that Backer’s resignation is a “serious blow” to the APNU, as she was his main advisor on the Standing Orders of the National Assembly.

APNU Leader, David Granger.
APNU Leader, David Granger.

According to Granger, Backer was also an “industrious researcher” and a good political worker. “She will be greatly missed,” the Opposition Leader said. Backer fell ill in November 2013 and has missed Parliament sittings since then.

She is still receiving overseas treatment for the undisclosed illness. In the meantime, Ronald Bulkan will join the APNU front benchers in Parliament, Granger confirmed. Bulkan is Shadow Minister for Local Government and Regional Development.



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