Granger says his beliefs will not affect decisions on secular issues

President, David Granger

 By Tracey Khan – Drakes

President David Granger
President David Granger

[] – President David Granger has committed not to impose his religious beliefs into the State’s business even though he allows his religious convictions to guide him as a man.

In this regard, the President noted that religious impositions will not be taken against minority groups’ such as the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community by his administration.

During an interview with some members of the media on Monday, May 25, the President said, “I don’t impose my views on any another person because this is a multi-religious country, I respect Islam…I respect Hinduism, I respect the Bahia’s and I feel that every Guyanese has a right to pursue a religious beliefs of his or her choice.”

Additionally, the President noted that he understands the role of the State in a democratic society and as such he will work in the interest of the people. He said the same applies to calls for the abortion law to be amended, but such decisions will be taken in consultation with the populace.

“I also respect the State and the State should not allow itself to be swayed by one or the other, the sSate has a responsibility to all of the religious groups, so when the time comes we will consult and take action with those groups in accordance with international practice, in accordance with the law and in accordance with will of the people.”

He also made comparison to issues that were illegal a few years that have now been changed and are even legal.

“International practice changes as time goes by, at one time people tolerated judicial execution for certain crimes now people feel that the capital punishment should be abolished, so times changes, there was a times when I suppose that same sex relations were punishable by law but in many countries those laws have been repealed so we have to keep abreast with what is happening in other countries but at the same time what our own people want, so try not to get ahead of the people and at the same time we try not to separate ourselves from what is taking place in the international community.”

The President grew up in the Anglican denomination.



  1. CRY CRY its time to move on, FIVE years is not to long for you and friends to wait, the country suffered 23 yrs. Come on stop the crying and start Living as a true GUYANESE,, a recount will only lead you in the wrong direction,

  2. Was changing the name of the Airport Democracy? was freeing a self confessed child murderer without consideration of the nature of the act democracy.
    You need to read the good book you talk about “‘ if you could read ” then make comments

  3. can u the media house ask him if he really believe in transparency and democracy..
    if he said yes..than demand that he agree to open and recount all votes cast since those votes are like DNA that does not lie.

  4. Mr President;

    Please do not be swayed by International powers on the issue of immoral lifestyles;
    let the people of Guyana decide; They are the only ones to respect on these matters.

  5. This is deception to the highest extent, he preaches about democracy but democracy is not in his nature. Freeing 60 criminals without consultation, is that democracy? Changing names of public building, is that democracy? 26 ministers without consultation, is that democracy? According to my Good News, the Good Book, this man has the true nature of the serpent.


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