Granger lost for words following circulation of poster comparing him to Hitler and Saddam Hussein

President David Granger. [iNews' Photo]

By Fareeza Haniff

One of the posters being circulated on social media.
One of the posters being circulated on social media.

[] – Opposition Leader, David Granger has taken umbrage to a poster in circulation in certain interior location and on social media, comparing him to German politician and the leader of the Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler and the late President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein.

Granger questioned which political party would “stoop so low” to produce such fiction.

“I can’t believe that. Who would do such a vile thing? I am lost for words. I can’t imagine any self respecting political party in Guyana would compare a Guyanese politician who has never been convicted of any offense regarded as Hitler – a mass murderer,” the dumbfounded Granger told a news conference today, Friday January 02.

There are numerous other flyers being posted on social media bashing the Opposition Leader, accusing him of being responsible for a number of crimes in Guyana.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader also debunked allegations reported in a local daily newspaper that Publisher of the Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall “pumps millions into Opposition Parties.”

When questioned, Granger told reporters, “It is a satirical article that should not be taken seriously. The APNU has never received any money, any funding from Kaieteur News.”



  1. why are we trashing each other? we are all entitled to our own opinions…. instead of each other we should be trashing the party we voted for .. that is not doing their work.. remember we are the ones who are paying them to keep us safe..

  2. If Granger got blood on his hands then what does the PPP/C government Jagdeo, Ramator Rohee Persaud, and all the other PPP/C Indians government officials got on their hands . They are all murders, and demons. God died for us so that we can be saved and Granger and Ramjattan will save us.

  3. Jai you still have not responded to the familes of all them ppl YOU and your PPP idols murder,,and just to put you in touch your PPP just gave me a great promation ,,sorry i work for it and the next time a flash a badge ,,be very caerful its not at you,,Guyana will never come out of PARK look at what year you dick head dwelling on 1970. Jack ass we in 2015. To hell with the past tell us why we still have No water coming true the pipe lines of each home, why 28B spent and the town like tje name LAND Of MANY Waters,,you are a true donkey burnham ride you ppl and now barrat doing it ,,you like the B. Black ,,

  4. Andrew, please allow me to respond to one of your depraved cronies Mr. Juan Gabriel, who seems to be around my age and knows about Vincent Teekah death.
    Now Mr. Juan Gabriel, Please tell us what you know about Shirley Field- Ridley death? Tell us why Green got rid of her? Why was my sister gone?
    Mr. Gabriel, do you expect us not to talk/state your PNC past? Do you remember David Hill ? A fugitive from the US. who your papa Burnham give asylum to in 1972 after he fled Cleveland where he was appealing his criminal convictions. Burnham, then give him new identity as Rabbi Edward Emmanuel Wastington, with hundreds of your PNC criminals who called themselves “House of Israel” That CULT was used as one of Burnham main destructive tools. Today you want to lecture us!

    Mr. Juan Gabriel, Do you really think I am cowed by you and your PNC Terrorists who insist in destroying our beautiful Guyana?
    We have survived worst than you and your Ex cop friend Andrew, who is still flashing police badge illegally around. By the way Gabriel, you very much resemble Emmanuel Fairbane called Batson, one of your PNC bombers/terrorists. Soon you may want to call me racist because I state the truth but before you do please stop and remind yourself that you’re still my brother from another mother.
    Mr. Gabriel, I feel sorry that you misused words in the wrong context. Do you have to be that blatant in your wicked accusations?

  5. Jai is a true jackass,,he lives in the past,cockroaches like Jai are safe with the crab PPP,The police just got 5boats 4 shit alloy hull crafts,,they say they spent 75 million for the 4, just look how these ppl are criminals,one of those boats coast the most 2,600US$. And these boats are made in Guyana much cheaper ,,even if you outfit them with two 75 hp engines you still not spending that much,,,are these boats SMART BOATS the drive by it self and can Google the spot the smuggling going on,,or the police tap on pirates and the smart boat go straight to spot,,juan you must understand these ppl are bent on crime,they had Roger Khan and his Squad killing and murdering ppl on a daily basis,,what they did,,they gave him a ID CARD as a RC to have safe passage to kill,,they gave him the laptop to track and kill, look how they place the dunce in the position at the gold board,,she now gone to get he bank book full,,nobody else could do that job,,the HAMMER,,will fall , these crabs have raped the land the lotto funds,every project they got millions , look at how many of them got kidnap during the planned crime wave ,,they failed to pay the drug bank so they were forced to pay up,,anybody remember how close to the minister in charge of crime the criminals were living,2 buildings away,,juan can we see the diary that FINE man left , NO it will show who was working with them,,the truth of all the murder and crime will come out Roger will be back and he will try to be the boss of law again ,,the laugh will be then

  6. Jai you and the editor of this trash news carrier are nothing but THE SCUM OF THE GUYANESE SOCIETY. You are nothing more than SHAMELESS DEGENERATES who are afraid of the HUGE HAMMER THAT WILL EVENTUALLY SMASH YOU WHEN THAT TIME ARRIVES. SOON! You can run, but there will be nowhere to hide. KEEP ON STRUTTING!

  7. Mr. Granger, I am not surprised that you’re lost for words, you should become dumb because of your evil past, which is haunting you. Mr. Granger, you and Grenige, Harmon, Felix, and Hamilton Green need to come forward and tell the Guyanese people what happened to your PNC colleague Vincent Teekah, who Burnham had appoint as Minister of Education.
    On October 24 1979 the American Dentist Dr. Oswaldene Walker, who was brought to Guyana by Burnham as his private dentist, on the night of the said date around midnight while in the company of minister Teekah, on the East Bank Demerara road side by two of your PNC phantom men shot and killed him in the presence of the doctor while sitting in his car The very next morning Mayor Green, had his then wife Ms. Shirley Field- Ridley take Dr. Walker to the airport and put her on the next flight to Maryland.
    The only witness to the minister assassination was flown out almost instantly. WOW!
    Does’t the name Gregory Smith comes to mind? Gregory Smith was given a safe passage out of Guyana with a$1,000,000.00. When questioned, You Mr. Granger said you never hear the name Smith before.
    Mr. Granger, do you think we forget how November 20 1978 your two PNC Ministers Green, and Grenige look the journalist in their eyes and lie that the settlers of Jones Town are “Agriculturalists intent on developing the interior”
    You have blood on your hands Mr.


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