GPSU wants Police under union umbrella, calls for $200,000 minimum salary

President of the GPSU, Patrick Yarde. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

President of the GPSU, Patrick Yarde. [iNews' Photo]
President of the GPSU, Patrick Yarde. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) says that law enforcement officers should fall under the union umbrella of the GPSU and should receive a significant pay hike.

GPSU President Patrick Yarde at the Unions 21st Biennial Congress on Wednesday, pitched the idea that police should receive a minimum salary of US$1000 and should be represented by the Public Service Union.

Yarde made the comment while calling on the new APNU+AFC Government to undertake a full restoration of the Public service tribunal noting that it is a constitutional right.

“We must not forget the politicization of the Public Service Commission, the nonfunctioning of Public Service Tribunal, denial of promotions, nonpayment of increment, denial of natural justice and due process and blatant discrimination,” Yarde told the Congress.

According to Yarde, certain practices that were undertaken under the former People’s Progressive Party/Civic administration will not be encouraged with the new Administration.

The GPSU President said that the former administration made attempts to “financially suffocate” the workers representatives.

State Minister Joe Harmon told the gathering that the public service was the engine of government and therefore public servants were a friend of the government.

“The APNU+AFC government is a friend to the public sector, not an enemy” he said adding “You are involved in one of the most important task of national life, the delivery of public service. The public service needs to be efficient to create environment in which the populace can have a good life.”



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