GPL to restore full power to Essequibo, after residents suffer 20 hour outage


[] – The Guyana Power and Light (GPL) Inc. while offering an apology to its customers on the Essequibo Coast says it is working to rectify the problem.

Residents on the Essequibo Coast had complained of being without power for over 20 hours on Tuesday, December 10. One resident told iNews that in the last few weeks the instances of power surges increased and the supply of electricity became highly unreliable.

GPL in a release today said at present, Engineers are working assiduously at the Company’s Anna Regina Power Plant to rectify electrical problems that developed within the high voltage switchgear.

The company says only 2MW of the generating capacity is currently available for distribution which will result in consumers experiencing prolonged periods without electricity since the company has resorted to load-shedding.

Repairs to the switchgear is expected to be completed by Thursday (December 11), facilitating the distribution of the Plant’s 5.4 MW installed capacity to the system which has a maximum demand of 4.2 MW.



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