GPL “smart metres” to be introduced next year


…prepaid metres out of stock

Even as the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) is yet to fulfil the demands of its customers in supplying prepaid metres, the company is forging ahead with bringing smart metring systems to Guyana early next year.

Since its introduction of the prepaid metring installation services, the GPL has had difficulties in meeting the demands of numerous customers, who request that these types of metres be installed at their homes instead of the postpaid metres.

According to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GPL, Albert Gordon, while the company is trying to correct this, it will also be introducing smart meters in Guyana next year.

“We are also moving to introduce AMI infrastructure which are smart metres which will allow customers to monitor their supply but also allow us to monitor your voltage and whether or not you are out so that will help us.  Those metres will be able to provide both prepaid and postpaid capabilities and we are in fact in the process of installing those. And we’ll get that system up and running sometime early next year so customers can benefit from that,” Gordon said.

He further explained that the company serves thousands of customers with both the prepaid and postpaid metring service and that the shortfalls in meeting the needs of some customers were because of the customers’ preferences.

“In terms of our customer base, over 200,000, we do offer postpaid and prepaid services. The prepaid services have become increasingly popular to the point where we are not keeping up enough with the increasing demand for metres so we are moving to address that”.

Additionally, GPL Board of Directors Chairman Rawle Lucas noted that the company is doing all it can to ensure that there are enough prepaid metres available countrywide.

Chairman of GPL, Rawle Lucas

“Getting metres has been a real challenge for customers. Prepaid metres, which apparently is the preferred choice, have been unavailable for long periods of time. I can tell you that GPL management has received the support of the Board to take the necessary steps to bring that situation to a halt. GPL itself remains dis-satisfied with what is taking place and has been very proactive in trying to deal with the matter”.

Meanwhile, GPL Customer Services Director Rhonda Lafar noted that plans are apace by the company to ensure that enough prepaid metres are available for customers quite soon.

“We have already put systems in place to ensure a cycle of procurement to ensure that as soon as one batch of metres is here another order is already placed and that will be coming shortly. So that should help us as it relates to making sure we have a steady supply of prepaid metres to fulfil the requirements of our customers”.