GPL launches “Whatsapp Meter Read”


The Guyana Power Light (GPL) Inc. has added a new complementary customer service feature “Whatsapp Meter Read,” to their line of services with the intent being to “to better meet customer demands and improve quality service delivery.”

According to GPL, this new service allows customers to submit their own meter reading with accompanying customer number during a thirty (30) days reading cycle via Whatsapp using telephone number 608-8575.

‘Whatsapp Meter Read’, the utility company noted, is a complementary meter reading service and will not replace existing methods of retrieval.

This service is best suited to:

  1. Customers whose consumption is frequently estimated due to inaccessibility during the meter reading cycle;
  2. Customers whom received a GPL notice, indicating that a meter reader visited the premises but was unable to retrieve an accurate reading and;
  3. Customers who will be out of the jurisdiction for prolonged periods exceeding two (2) months.

How it works:

1. GPL Post paid customers are asked to note their meter reading dates. This information is printed on their monthly bills and is positioned to the right corner of the total payable breakdown as seen in the extract.

2. A clear photograph showing the dials on the meter along with the account number should be submitted only during the meter reading period identified on the bill.

GPL says customers using this service must grant the company  “access to the meter within a three months period to verify the accuracy of the readings submitted via Whatsapp”.

According to GPL “this recent introduction complements a wide range of initiatives currently available which embraces emerging technological trends and improves customer services.”



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