GPL blames faulty transmission lines for mass power outage

GPL's Main Street office


gplmainstreet[] – The Guyana Power and Light Company (GPL) says that one of the two transmission lines between Sophia and Garden of Eden tripped on Thursday night, resulting in a shutdown of the Demerara Interconnected System (DIS).

The Company in a press statement noted that due to the time the incident occurred, it was not possible to undertake a detailed inspection of the transmission line to determine the reason for the trip.

As such, an inspection is currently in progress, focusing on the section of the line traversing the backlands of Garden of Eden and Friendship, where the line protection calculated the fault may exist.

“The Demerara Interconnected System was incrementally restored with all circuits repowered by 00:28 hrs. Unfortunately power supply to consumers on the East Coast between Industry and Success was further affected by a burnt connection on a switch at Industry. The burnt connection was found at 01:15 hrs, repairs were completed and power was restored at 01:51hrs.”

The power company further noted that on Wednesday, May 14, an unknown incident resulted in damages to four parts of a circuit supplying sections of Kingston, Cummingsburg and Werk-En-Rust. Repairs were completed by19:28hrs and power restored to all consumers. In undertaking the repairs, the supply to Consumers in other sections of Kingston, Cummingsburg and Werk-En-Rust had to be interrupted.

“Investigations are ongoing into what may have precipitated the damage to the circuit. GPL will undertake an upgrade to a section of the circuit this Sunday to reduce the impact any future fault this may have.”




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