GPF statement on Cathy Hughes’ missing laptop



Please note that parliamentarian Mrs. Catherine Hughes who resides on the E.B.D stated that between 12:30hrs and 14:30hrs on 2021/02/24 at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre; one Apple laptop valued $3,000 US Dollars and belonging to her, went missing.

The scene was visited on 2021/02/24 about 15:30hrs and investigations revealed that Mrs Hughes attended Parliament and was seated in the southern section of the dome of the Conference Hall among several other Members of Parliament while Parliament was in session.

About 12:35hrs Parliament recessed for lunch and she exited the dome after securing the mentioned laptop in its bag and placing same on her seat.

About 14:30hrs she returned and discovered the laptop was missing from her bag. A search was conducted and the computer was found by a police rank at the back of the said chair which Mrs. Hughes was occupying.

Same was shown to her and she identified same to be hers.

Statements were taken and an investigation is in progress.