GPF hunting man who fired several shots indiscriminately, injuring a bystander

Ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) are making stringent efforts to apprehend a male suspect, who indiscriminately discharged several rounds from a handgun, in the vicinity of a popular gas station, located on the East Coast of Demerara.
According to the Police a group of persons were in the vicinity of the gas station imbibing when an argument between the suspect and a unidentified male erupted. The argument escalated into a scuffle and the suspect drew a firearm and discharged several rounds, one of which struck Shanis Persaud, a bystander, to his left hand, after which the suspect made good his escape in a motor car.
The victim was rushed to the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital where he was treated and admitted in a stable condition. Investigators have retrieved five (5) spent shells from the scene and investigations are in progress.


  1. This ignorance is not going to stop until we loose a senior police officer,senior Politicain,senior diplomat or senior member of the Judicial service.

    When these idiots use their Firearm phone calls are made and the coverup starts. All licensed firearm holders ballistic information is in the hands of the police.

    All firearm use against a person should be treated seriously regardless of who is involved. Within hours of obtaining the warhead from the victim by a specially trained and highly paid trusted officer the police should know the shooter. Constables should not collect warhead from the hospital.

    The shooter should be prosecuted by the best in the system. We have mandatory sentence for drugs lets have same for criminal use of firearm.

    The issue we have with use of firearm is that the idiots using them feel above the law. They have no respect for human life.

    The system of dealing with these folks is broken. It needs to be re tuned!


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