PPP/C: Joint Services, Public Servants, sugar workers deserve bigger, better ‘slice of the national cake’


The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) is continuing their call for the Government to re-instate the annual and traditional ‘tax-free’ one month salary to the Joint Services (and the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit).

The Opposition is also calling for the administration to urge the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) to re-instate the Annual Production Incentive (API) to sugar workers and to pay out this year, an increase on the $50,000 end of year Christmas bonus to all Public Servants.

The Party during a press briefing held today, stated through its General Secretary, Clement Rohee “that less than one year after assuming office, and making claims that the PPP/C had left an empty treasury, the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and Alliance for Change (AFC) administration found $1.54 billion to pay Public Servants but at the same time, left sugar workers empty-handed for the first time in several years without receiving their Annual Production Incentive (API).”

The PPP/C recalled after being elected, the Granger administration rescinded the traditional and additional “one month tax-free” salary paid to ranks of the Joint Services and awarded their selves a hefty salary increase.

This, according to Rohee,  instigated much annoyance and displeasure which was expressed by members of the Joint Services and their families, who would usually look forward to the annual “top-up” which had been implemented during the reign of the PPP/C administration.

Recently, President Granger had told soldiers of the Guyana Defense Force, during their 51st Anniversary Route March that “we are proud in our ability to rely on you, year in, year out to protect our borders” and encouraged them to “keep on soldiering, to keep making sure that Guyana is a safe place for prosperity.”

Additionally, in his weekly televised broadcast of the “Public Interest”, Granger had stated that the money invested by government in the security sector “was well spent”, which according to the Opposition implied that he [Granger] was pleased with the performance of the Joint Forces.

These affirmations, according to the Rohee, are grounds for the Joint Services to acquire their “rewards” in the form of “one month tax free bonuses” for 2016, as well as other Public Servants.

The PPP General Secretary said that the Public Servants, sugar workers and the Joint Services should stand in solidarity with each other. He remarked that ‘they toil year in year out” and “deserve a bigger and better slice of the national cake” so as to improve their livelihoods.


  1. I guess that’s why they send the knuckle head ambassador kendal to india to get some polourie seed like the Kabaka did so the fools can ban flour .This is the change the scums voted for–more robberies and killings

  2. Guyanese get ready to tighten your belt because under the Grainger Administration PNC AFV Alliance for change this is what they meant when they promise change .taking you right back to the sixties seventies eighties under the old regime Burnham PNC Administration rice flour and white mouth


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