GPF give $4.2M in cash/vouchers to top Grade 6 performers



By Leroy Smith

Police Awards[] – Kelly Bacchus, Brently Singh, Kelly Gurrick, Avia Lowenfield, Shania Smith and Garfield Dover received the lion’s share of 2014 Guyana Police Force Annual Bursaries and Awards with cash incentives as part of the special awards for their exceptional performance at the National Grade Six Examination.

The other participants each received $25,000 along with a voucher to be cashed at the Police Consumers Co-op Supermarket on Robb Street, Georgetown.

Commissioner of Police, Seelall Persaud said that each year the Force has been trying its best to increase the number of children it rewards for their performance.

According to the Commissioner, the Police Force is also looking to include top CSEC performers to receive similar incentives.

He said that the awards serve as a motivation to the recipients to continue performing to the best of their abilities while those who are young are encouraged by what they see.

The awards are also aimed at assisting parents in offsetting the burden of the economic expenses that usually comes with starting a child in his or her first year in high school.

Also addressing the gathering was Chief Education Officer, Olato Sam, who encouraged parents to play a meaningful role in the lives of their children and ensure they are not left alone in the studying and other academic ventures.




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